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Why Wagyu Beef Should be Part of Your Next Dinner Party

Who doesn’t love fine cuisine or luxury meals on their plates? No matter how much we cook at home, we at one point want to experience an exquisite dinner. Japanese wagyu beef is that high-end meat you can have on your plate as you share with your family and friends. It truly is an experience that is to be savored and to be remembered. 

Understanding Wagyu

Wagyu directly translates to Japanese cow in Japanese. The beef is extremely high quality with exceptional firmness and texture. Some of the finest Wagyu cuts are of course the ribeye and striploin steaks. 

What makes it different from American Wagyu is that American Wagyu is crossbred, meaning there is only a small amount of % Japanese cow DNA, but the rest is a regular Angus beef cow.  Japanese Wagyu is from a specific breed of cattle raised in a special way. It is also in limited supply due to the level of care and high healthy fat content, which we call marbling. 

Wagyu beef is strictly graded by the Japanese Meat GradingAssociation. Simply put Wagyu is graded on two levels, the top being Grade A for highest yield and Grade 5 for best marbling, fat, color, firmness, and texture.

Health Benefits

Many people are afraid to eat it because Wagyu is so heavily marbled so they think it is unhealthy but it is quite the opposite.

Wagyu beef compares to olive oil and salmon in terms of its health benefits. It has up to 300% more monounsaturated fat than regular beef, high omega three, and omega six content.

Monounsaturated fat is a healthy fat and has proven to lower cholesterol which reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Buying A5 Premium Wagyu Beef in the U.S.

The Kai Wagyu online shop in the US is the only authentic shop where you will find this beef. We import directly from Japan. You can get the meat pre-sliced or in whole primal cuts. 

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We also ship overnight packed with dry ice and ice packs which get to you the following day. We process orders quickly and ship through FedEx Overnight to ensure arrival in optimal conditions. 

Why Choose Kai Wagyu

We offer a certificate of authenticity with a tracking ID number with every purchase. It has the cattle name, date of birth, and everything you need so you can track it on the official Japanese government website.

We import directly from Japanese farmers as compared to other retailers. We have an exclusive partnership with a farm called Top Farm. It’s the first time they are bringing their own special Wagyu beef to the US. The meat is called Saroma Wagyu. 

The first time it will be available in the United States,  will be in our premium butcher shop opening in a few months. The store will be in Costa Mesa, California. It has a very similar quality to the high-end Kobe beef, as many know about. 

The new store will be filled with all sorts of options including steak cuts, sliced cuts, and whole primal cuts. We will also be selling high-end handcrafted Japanese knives with different types of premium Japanese seafood. 

My name is Jeff Law, founder of Kai Wagyu. I hope I can educate people about authentic Wagyu beef and allow everyone a chance to try it without needing to go to a five-star restaurant. You can reach out to us through 




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