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Why Do the Rich Buy Art from Simone Giuliano’s Defiant Army?

Art Displays Status

It’s crazy because you’ve heard that many people spend thousands to millions of dollars literally just on art. Many billionaires end up taking love for it and spending a fortune.

Now you might be thinking to yourself why would someone spend that much money just on art pieces and the reason may shock you. It’s a statement piece when someone wealthy decides to purchase something that is extravagant and expensive.

You have to remember that when someone purchases a piece they might either directly correlate themselves with the actual art or they see themselves as higher status because they’re able to purchase $1 million artifacts now that’s why some of the worlds best artists charge a premium for their art because they know and understand that higher-level individuals will purchase that are just for the fact to say that they can purchase it. 

Who is Simone Giuliano?

Simone is a young businessman and stylist in Milan with a love for arts and music, He started studying graphic designing while also learning other forms of creativity like writing, tattoos, However, fashion was where he saw his heart hooked to and he decided to create his brand ‘Defiant Army, a merging brand that is 100% made in Italy, proposing unique pieces which are driving crazy lots of Italian scene artists.

He initiated this in the middle of a pandemic, as a brave young fashion entrepreneur in Milan. In a very short time, he succeeded in imposing on the market his very original garments to the attention of the public, critics, and celebrities.

The custom jackets created by Simone Giuliano are unique pieces, with attention to every detail. Created with a love for the art, and Employing the best Italian leather, they are characterized by the strong impact of colors and inserts.

The Birth Defiant Army

Starting a business is always an act of courage, but the Defiant Army is a truly daring project, born in the midst of the greatest crisis of the last century. The idea had been spinning in Simone Giuliano’s creative head for a couple of years, but the young entrepreneur chooses to jump into the fray of Made in Italy fashion in 2020, the year in which the pandemic terrified and blocked the companies Worldwide. A moment when it seemed crazy to launch a new project. But in crises, there are great opportunities for visionaries who know how to see them, and for the brave who know how to take risks. This is how Simone Giuliano decides, in the middle of the pandemic summer, to turn his ideas into business. Acting and diving headlong into a business project that in a few months has already met with great interest and results. It is the facts that prove Simone Giuliano’s gamble right: thanks to a winning idea, a great job, and obsessive attention to every detail of his project, he managed to bring out the Defiant Army by focusing everything on the iconic garment that best fits it. represents the leather jacket. 

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