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Why Do the Rich Buy Art from Criss Bellini?

Who is Criss Bellini 

Criss Bellini is a Swedish-based, anonymous artist and brand, influenced by hip hop culture and street style. The anonymous artist behind Criss Bellini never revealed the artist’s identity.  The anonymous artist masks signify the masks we each wear each day. The artist grew up in the ghetto and fled a war, and the artist takes inspiration from hip-hop culture. The anonymous artist has received endless reviews, and though he started making art in January 2020, the artist has made a million dollars in the first year.

The anonymous artist creations are gaining a reputation in the country of Sweden where the artist is based. The anonymous artist’s artworks are renowned for their uniqueness and fresh themes that are rarely seen in other painters’ works. Breaking free from normality is the artist primary goal, and does so by making sure that  creations are unlike any other he offers unique wall art with a mix of traditional and digital art, made in LIMITED  EDITIONS only

Art Displays Status

Challenging the narrative behind some of the world’s most popular works, the anonymous artist behind Criss Bellini produces unique creations that merge both traditional and digital art. The artist reimagines pieces as if taking on the mind of its original creators combined with a modern perspective.

It’s crazy because you’ve heard that many people spend thousands to millions of dollars literally just on art. Many billionaires end up taking love for it and spending a fortune.

Now you might be thinking to yourself why would someone spend that much money just on art pieces and the reason may shock you. It’s a statement piece when someone wealthy decides to purchase something that is extravagant and expensive.

You have to remember that when someone purchases a piece they might either directly correlate themselves with the actual art or they see themselves as higher status because they’re able to purchase $1 million artifacts now that’s why some of the worlds best artists charge a premium for their art because they know and understand that higher-level individuals will purchase that are just for the fact to say that they can purchase it.

Tax Purposes 

Now, this might be one of the richest, most secret tactics to evading taxes. Now I don’t see taxes in a bad way. I see it as a way to help you understand what the rich people deal with in order to get a lower tax bill in and into a lower tax bracket. 

It’s no shock that many high-level individuals will purchase art for the sake of getting a tax write-off because not only did they purchase that or any keeps that value but in other people’s terms it might be a way to launder money. No, I’m not saying that’s what everybody does but I am saying that most people when they do purchase Art get a huge tax write off now someone as mainstream and as known as the anonymous artist behind Criss Bellini doesn’t support that type of stuff but still he has a premium for premium clients and he also has other items that people just purchased just for the sake of purchasing.

An Invitation:

If you want to get your hands on exclusive artworks made with passion and love from the genius artist behind the Criss Bellini brand you can check out his website Criss Bellini.

And if you want to see more of what he is up to you can follow him at: 

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IG: crissbellini

FB: Criss Bellini

TikTok: @CrissBellini

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