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What you do not know about the famous music artist Hasan Almajidy

Hasan AlmajidyHasan Almajidy is an Iraqi from Baghdad,  He is a famous artist and music composer in Iraq. He is an early contributor to the development of music production, digital marketer, digital music distributor, Iraqi businessman, graphic designer, photographerI have a business on Apple Music stores, released his audio track on different music platforms like Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, JioSaavan and many more. Hasan Almajidy released his tracks on foreign music streaming platforms such as Deezer, Tidal and Napster. You can get Hasan Almajidy’s music on TikTok, Instagram and other international music storesHe was diligent in digital distribution and was one of the electronic shopping experts and was the first contributor to the development of the solution in modern musical instruments, acoustic rhythms and sound engineering

Hasan Almajidy worked hard in artistic production of music and was the first to contribute to the development of musical melody. Since his childhood, he began to play musical instruments. He lived in Baghdad, Iraq.
He wanted his musical life in the Baghdad Organization to play musical instruments and he was the first Iraqi developer in vocal rhythms and he was one of the first music distributors in Islamic publications
Producer and Social Media Influencer. Works on modern pop music, fusing traditional Iraqi folk music with contemporary techno and urban rhythms. He loves working with new talent and new ideas. That’s why he likes to influence others to work with ideas
He was a photographer who took pictures of celebrities in Iraq and was a professional Photoshop designer
I have a professional photo shop that was taken for some famous people in Iraq and he was a professional in photography He was the editor of history films and got the first Arab editor in editing historical filmsBasically, Hasan Almajidy first started his career as a blogger or YouTuber. As sometimes later he enters the field of music. Now if you search on YouTube, Google and other social media about Hasan Almajidy, you will get all the information about Hasan Almajidy

He is also one of the Iraqi workers who have good privileges and have creativity in art and Iraqi artists. He got ready as a music artist in 2020 in Baghdad, Iraq, the best music producer and the best Iraqi content maker in the field of technological technology and technology development towards the world

Musical artist Hasan Almajidy is making a big fuss in Iraq

Hasan Almajidy
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Hasan Almajidy is an Iraqi from the city of Baghdad, born (January 8 1996), a music artist, music producer and digital distributor of music. I have music publications on social .

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