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What It Takes to Succeed in Real Estate

It is said that most millionaires are created in the real estate industry. Even though that sounds nice, it also means that there are so many people in the real estate industry as well, there are sellers and buyers and wholesalers. There are many different types of people in the real estate industry. 

Thinking that you’ll succeed just because this industry creates the greatest number of millionaires is naive. 

Like any industry, if you want to become a millionaire, you have to put in the time you have to study, you have to put in the work, and you have to outbid almost everybody else. 

You will not achieve your dreams and succeed in real estate if you do not work just like any other industry. 

Here are three things that I recommend doing if you’re starting in Real Estate.


Make the Decision & Study 

You’ve decided to pursue real estate. What is it going to take? The real estate license exam in Illinois is 75 hours to qualify for the state broker exam. We’re going to take a look at the theory of the law. Precisely what is the idea that we have to abide by when we look to buy a real estate or lease real estate, these are the things that we have to address, but it’s essential to read.

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Knowing the Theory isn’t enough.

That is simply knowing the theory isn’t going to make it work for you. You’ve got to understand the application. We’re going to talk about what it is. You need to know. We’re going to put it into perspective to make it worthwhile to pass the state exam and deal with the industry in real life. If you ultimately want to get through the program, your next phase in life becomes a managing broker. Here’s where you are going to supervise other licensees supervising your own real estate office. It gives you a chance to grow and create your own business within the business as you’re building your real estate career.

One of the things we want to make sure is that you start creating a reputation for yourself, exposure in the marketplace. There we can mentor you, walk you through the skill sets that you need to create a concept where someone’s thinking about selling a piece of real estate. Ah,  they think of you.


Taking Massive Action in Thinking Big

How do we get that market share that keeps your company striving forward? How do we bring new agents onboard? All that is part of our consulting process. So, all in all, from the first day you make the decision, I want to get into real estate until the day you have a company with multiple offices, thousands of real estate agents, Inland Real Estate School that can assist you to step by step to making this thing a reality.

Remember that your success is our success.


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David McGowan
Written By

Designated managing broker for a large commercial real estate company2008 REALTOR® of the Year – Northern Illinois Commercial Association of REALTORS®

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