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Want A Thriving Business? Learn The Strategies For Success With Serial Entrepreneur Shelley Willingham

The goal of every entrepreneur is to establish a thriving business and generate more profit in the long-term. Especially now that digital technology has transformed the business landscape. Many entrepreneurs are asking how they can thrive in today’s highly competitive environment. What are the strategies they can implement to be successful?

Serial entrepreneur and business strategist Shelley Willingham said that there are numerous ways to build a thriving business. Willingham added that nowadays, flexibility and good planning are essential qualities to grow your business. “There is no one size fits all success strategy for all businesses. Each company should craft the right success blueprint for their business. Every business strategy is customized relative to the needs and condition of the organization,” she explained. She added that one thing is certain; growing a business is essential for its survival. No business owner wants to fail in their business. But business success depends on the set of tactics and execution.

Ups And Downs Of Entrepreneurship

Willingham can attest that attaining business success is not a walk in the park. “If you want a thriving business, then you should be ready to face failures. I will tell you that you will encounter failures along the way. That is inevitable. But take it as a learning process and try again,” she said.

When Willingham completed her studies, she did not immediately jump into entrepreneurship. Similar to most professionals, she began her career by performing a corporate job. Her role revolved around sales and marketing. But in 2000, she left her corporate job to establish her company. Her first business was a marketing and sales consulting firm. Creative Strategies Unlimited, Inc. helped small and medium-sized enterprises by developing innovative marketing and sales strategies. However, the company only lasted for three years before ceasing operation.

After several months, Willingham once again tried to build a new business. She established the National Organization for Diversity in Sales and Marketing. It helped companies take advantage of the rising purchasing power of multicultural consumers without being offensive and no stereotypes. Unfortunately, the company folded in 2007 after the global financial crisis severely hit it. It was the second time that her business venture failed. She felt unhappy, but it did not kill her spirit.

Willingham used the setbacks to bounce back and strive to build a thriving business. She eventually found her calling and started two new enterprises. She established Vision and Passion International in 2017. It is a company that aims to empower other entrepreneurs through speaking engagements, coaching, and business events. But she did not stop there. This year, she started her digital marketing and brand activation agency, which she called Douglas Alexandra. And, next year, Willingham will launch the women’s movement Pretty & Powerful.

Here are some of the things that every entrepreneur should consider thriving in today’s business environment:

Build An Online Presence

Nowadays, an online presence is inevitable. A company website and social media accounts are requirements to reach more audience and grow a business. Social media and other digital platforms have forever changed the business landscape and influence consumers’ buying behavior. “If you want to remain profitable, an online presence is a must for your business. It is no longer a question of whether you need an online presence. It is already a necessity today,” Willingham explained.

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Entrepreneurs need to invest time and effort, and of course, some bucks, in putting up a decent looking and functional website. The website is where an entrepreneur can put all the information about his company and its products or services. “Can you think of a company today that has no website? Having a website is an integral part of any organization today,” Willingham said.

Social media has become a permanent component of an entrepreneur’s marketing strategy. Most business organizations today are utilizing at least one social media channel for their business efforts. Social media platforms allow entrepreneurs to reach billions of people around the world. It has become the most cost-effective marketing tool to grow any business. And it is also continuously evolving. Hence, entrepreneurs need to keep themselves abreast with the latest development in social media that might have business value.

Engage The Target Audience
Marketing has already evolved, and so do the consumers. Marketing today focuses more on building a relationship and gaining the trust of the target audience. Consumers nowadays will only transact with a brand that they trust. Hence, the most successful brands have great relationships with their audience.

How can entrepreneurs keep their audience engaged? By sharing content that is valuable and relevant to the target audience. Therefore, entrepreneurs must know their target audience. “Your content must fulfill the needs of your target audience. A topic that is relevant to your target audience will keep them engaged with your content,” Willingham said.

Engagement will take time and requires a lot of effort to build a relationship and maintain it. The more a brand gains its target audience’s trust, the higher the likelihood they will buy from that brand.

Learn Business Strategy With Willingham

To have a thriving business, entrepreneurs need to execute the right business strategy. But how can they craft the business strategy tailor-fit for their business? When talking about business strategy, there is no better for any entrepreneur than tapping Willingham’s assistance. Much of her professional career has revolved around developing strategy and helping other entrepreneurs in their business endeavors.

Willingham can design and craft innovative business strategies that can propel any business to reach greater heights. “If figuring out the right business strategy for your business is a challenging undertaking, let us sit down and talk about it. I am willing to help you grow your business,” she said.

To learn more about her and the services she offered, please visit her website,

Shelley has also been featured in other publications like Thrive Global and Disrupt Magazine. You can check the articles here:

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