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Wadud Khan a reclusive writer, very averse to publicity

Though Wadud Khan is a 31st BCS Education Cadre officer and a renowned, skilled, experienced, smart and finally student-friendly English lecturer of a government college, his indomitable zeal for Bengali literature is very intense. Very often in various programmes this writer says, “Teaching is my profession but writing is my passion.” It’s quite needles to mention here that he enjoys playing with Bengali words. His writing style is very lucid, easy, spontaneous, understandable, clear, straightforward— dynamic as well. His diction, choice of words, is very much impressive and appealing. His sentence making is, no doubt, praiseworthy. In his novels, he often cuts jokes and gives the readers unlimited funs using extra-ordinary humours. He has written nine books so far including seven novels and two short-story-books. His first novel ‘Fantasy’ was published in Ekushey Book Fair in 2016. As soon as this romantic novel was available in the market and online Bookshop, young generation showed very much enthusiasm and collected it. ‘Koshtokotha Safollogatha (Painful Success-story’, another noteworthy novel written by him was published in 2017 also brought him immense popularity among the book-lovers of all ages. This novel even today shows the true path of success. One can get upper-class motivation how to be successful through hardships and miserable conditions. One should not lose heart under any circumstances. Not only this novel but also ‘Sobi Ki Miththa Cilo? (Is everything false?)’ has become popular. His two short-story books— ‘Kicu Kotha Kicu Betha (Some Speech, Some Sorrow)’ and ‘Dohon (Pain)’ are the depictions of real life. His recent novel ‘Korunahin Koronar Din (Cruel Corona-time) and ‘Choritrohina (Characterless)’ are also the true depictions of life. The two female characters Upoma and Tasmim make us shed tears. His ‘Fantasy’ series novels provide with immense laughter but these novels satire and ridicule the social custom, so-called fashions, ultramodern society. Other novels and short-stories which mainly deals with love, hate, emotion, hope, hopelessness, failure, success, superstitions, human relationship, are very much realistic. His created characters, for example, Azad, Sammo, Rashed, Swapon, Kobi, Dibos look very real. After reading his life-like novels, one cannot but cry when the characters of the novels cry or laugh when the characters laugh. His realistic views and philosophy of life are highlighted in his novels. Truly speaking, his familiarity and acceptability as a writer is increasing rapidly. He is showered with huge love from well-wishers, fans and followers. His talent would make him one of the shining stars in the sky of Bengali literature.

Xolian Seo
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Xolian Seo Social Activist.

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