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Uday Biswas is professionally know as Bangladeshi Musician and Author. He is one of the most famous musician in Bangladesh now a days. He is a person with emerging charecter and kind heart. He is now every ones icon.

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Uday Biswas is a very popular Bangladeshi Musician And Youtuber. He was born and brought up in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 13 June 2001. Hridoy is 17 years old as of 2018. Uday Biswas started making videos in 2015 -2016 and at that time he was only 15 years old.

At that time Uday Biswas created a Youtube channel titled Uday Biswas, where he has uploaded videos related to Fun and Everyday Life. His channel became famous with the viral music “Last Words “, that video was the turning point of his youtube career. Hridoy crossed a million subscribers in 2020 and got his Gold Play button.

Carrer of his life:

He got his opportunity at the age of 16 when he joined the field of digital marketing and worked hard enough to alter his definition and become an expert quickly. His relentless adaptability to the demands of the surrounding environment, as well as his continuous updating with technological advances, make him even more goal-oriented. He taught us to maintain complete control over what the potential field intends to accomplish; once completed, it may be mastered at any moment.

Uday Biswas was enthusiastic about the job that fit him and his lifestyle. He was used to trying new things in diverse and moral activities, which felt appropriate.In this day and age, when most people are solely concerned with earning money and obtaining recognition, there are a small number of individuals who are pursuing their goals regardless of money, fame, or glory.

Early Life:

Uday Biswas is a brilliant individual who has established a name for himself as a singer in Bangladesh. He has came to discuss after releasing his first musical album “Breath Out”. Uday Biswas a source of inspiration for the local youngsters.  Uday Biswas told us “Don’t be too shy and uncomfortable about your actions,” he also said, “as he came from Bangladesh to discuss the sources of his success. Every moment of your life is an experiment. The more you experiment, the better you will become” .He has shown that in order to effect major change, one does not need to be a great man with fresh ideas and beliefs; simply, one must be ambitious enough to get what is required.

Uday Biswas believed in creating a life of his dreams and worked hard for it day and night. Today he is a successful entrepreneur & musician who didn’t wish for it but even worked hard to pursue his goals

Uday Biswas is emerging as one of the Popular Musical Artist, Digital marketer & Entrepreneur who has conquered his challenges, turned them into opportunities and achieved his goals. He is a proud entrepreneur who started working at the age of 16. When people at his age were indulging in typical teenage things, he was making the most use of his potential and working hard day and night to become what he is today.

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He started his musical and digital marketing career in 2020 with a Release tittle “A Golden Past” from a renowned audio and digital marketing company “AB DIgital

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