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Turning Your Negatives Into Positives With This Unstoppable Serial Entrepreneur Malacka Reed El

Malacka Reed El lost her virginity when she was 14 years old after being brutally raped. She got her first daughter when she was 15 years old. She had grown in an environment of drugs, violence, and poverty. Malacka felt broken and lost. She even thought of selling sex for money and material things. However, all the things that she passed through were preparing her for a better life. All that she wanted to do was turn all those negatives into positives.

Malacka Reed El At A Glance

Malacka is the CEO of Skai Ryan Cosmetics and a motivational Makeup artist. She is a renowned motivator who inspires through her motivational speeches. This woman has had her share of challenges that have made her strong, resilient, and brave. Her story of how she became a woman of power through sex, greed, violence, lies, betrayal, being broke and abandoned will move you. 

Malacka lets you into her past with no regrets. She is a life coach and a philanthropist. 

Setting The Pace

Malacka’s creative interest began at the age of 13. She had decided that finally, she wanted to have her cosmetic line one day. She had an inner burning ambition to live her dreams. This woman used her energy and connection in speaking and reading competitions throughout the city. Malacka was on the Bethany Talk Show twice with Gary Owen and Charlemagne. When social media came, she was eating late. She didn’t get on Facebook when everybody got there. But finally, when she got on Instagram, she had 10K followers in just a couple of months. As Malacka grew her following, she even got more significant offers and stuff. 

Malacka brought home many awards and first place ribbons which solidified her confidence as a bonafide speaker. She loved the feeling she felt when moving a crowd with her words and her ability to connect to every person in the audience. 

Your Mess Is Your Message

As a serial entrepreneur and an influencer, Malacka has been moving the masses. Everyone wants to click on her webpage. People acknowledge finding businesses because of her. Others say they didn’t kill themselves because of Malacka. Still, others say they became better parents because of this woman.  

Malacka wrote her first book, “I’m Ready For My Close Up,” which has become a best seller on Amazon. She wanted to reveal in-depth details about her life and the obstacles that tagged along. She discusses her struggles as a teen, personal insecurities, and learning to stay positive. Her goal is to help other people understand how to handle life’s tribulations. She believes that the way battles are defeated is what makes one a warrior. She targets young women, children, and men in her submissions and offers advice to achieve their dreams. Malacka says, “Your mess is your message, so don’t get discouraged about the mishaps and misfortunes in your lives. Don’t question the storm our creator has asked you to walk through to get to greatness.”

Malacka has been very successful in her business as a six-figure entrepreneur and is teaching other women too how to crush it in their business. 

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In conclusion, it is worth noting that life is all about our perception of the things we encounter every day. Do not allow your inner voice to send you negative messages. Instead, wake up and change the narrative. Change your mindset and surround yourself with positive people. Look for something good in every situation, and do not complain when you pass through storms. 

You can connect to Malacka here.

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