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Tunes & Whips is a Breeding Ground for New Talent

Chances are you’ve heard of Technik Studios. Omar Adnan has grown the content and design studio from the ground up in just three short years, collaborating with big-name brands like Lexus, Ford, and Porsche. Offering clients services like content strategy, branding, video production, and website design, the studio is quickly becoming a front runner in Canada’s digital landscape. However, Adnan’s latest venture is less focused on servicing clients and more geared towards building a community around two things he’s very passionate about: music and cars. It’s called TUNES & WHIPS, and it’s here to shake up the hip-hop landscape.

So what is TUNES & WHIPS all about? If the brand’s name didn’t make it obvious, here is the rundown:
It’s first and foremost a community at the intersection of car enthusiasts and music
lovers. TUNES & WHIPS features rising artists weekly, highlights car culture in hip-hop, and the latest news in the world of hip-hop. Artists can submit their tracks directly on the TUNES & WHIPS website, where Omar Adnan handpicks artists to feature on the brand’s social media platforms. Selected tracks get their own video shot and edited by Omar Adnan, featuring an exotic car rolling layered with the artist’s song. So far, the response has been incredible, says Adnan. With mainstream artists like Pressa Armani, TOB Duke, and TJ Porter showing their appreciation and support, it won’t be long before TUNES & WHIPS is among the ranks of brands like Lyrical Lemonade and Complex Media.

Adnan’s hope for the brand is to be a breeding ground for new talent and a platform where A&Rs can look for unique talent. With regard to the car community, he’s confident the brand will catch the attention of exotic car manufacturers, which will open the doors to some pretty exciting collaborations. “Eventually, I want to introduce music videos and branded content with artists and car manufacturers – I think there is some fun content that could be created there,” Adnan said.
TUNES & WHIPS is a platform that could achieve organic 7-8 figures in annual sales. How exactly? Monetizing digital brands is something Adnan is no stranger to. For starters, the website’s submission page generates passive income already – this alone could be a source of 5- figures per month. Moving onto branded content, we all know how lucrative this can be. With brands willing to pay up to six-figures for promotional content, this has the potential to be a significant stream of income for TUNES & WHIPS. Merchandising, in the form of monthly clothing drops, is another stream of income that Omar Adnan could tap into. Finally, we have music videos. It’s no secret that labels are willing to shell out large budgets for music videos, which is a space that Adnan hopes to get into.

The hunger, discipline, and determination Adnan posses are good indicators of achieving his goals. “My biggest fear in life is a failure or letting down the people who look up to me, and in

many ways, that fuels me to keep going and find success,” Adnan claims. TUNES & WHIPS is positioned to succeed, so keep your eye on this rising brand.

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