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Top 12 indian writers of 2021


Hereby We presents “Top 12 indian writers of 2021”. These are  the top 12 handpicked famous writers of 2021.

  • Abinash Mohanty

Abinash Mohanty,24,is an educator and the founder of ABINASH CLASSES.He is a young writer,born and brought up in Puri and currently staying in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.Having lost his parents at a very young age,he beautifully blends the harsh realities of life in his writings.He is also an Open Mic artist .Currently he’s working on his debut novel THE DIVINE VENGEANCE…His writeups could be followed in Facebook @ABINASH MOHANTY…Instagram @its_abinash_776655…..YourQuote @Subham Aryan

  • Karthikeyeni

Karthikeyeni born and bred in Madras ( now Chennai), started her career as an educator, tagging along with her daughter to school. Later stopped stalking her child and used her M.A in English Literature, M.Phil ., B.Ed ., and M.Sc IT., to facilitate graduates of English Literature, to love the works of Shakespeare, with her 4-year stint as a Professor. She headed CBSE institutions for five years and finally decided to take a break to pursue her passion. 

  • Abhishek Mishra

Abhishek Mishra is an aspiring screenplay writer and a Published Author. He aims to create a new world through his stories and characters that will remain immortal. As a writer, he received accolades on several platforms for expressing his feeling through his words.  He has created a record for writing the max number of anthologies and writing the max number of short stories within a month.  All his short stories are unique and can create the required hook among all the readers.

  • Surabhi Naik

Surabhi Naik is an author of Inward shelf and Emblem of soul. She loves music and art and has done her masters in clinical psychology. She has done her clinical internship at Masina hospital, Byculla and Thane mental hospital.  She has also provided therapy during her internship, to schizophrenic, anxiety, addiction, depression, mood disorder and sexual abuse patients. She has also completed her internship at Joshi Bedekar college as a counsellor after her masters. She has also done internship as a counsellor at National Mental Health Clinic.

  • Dr. Nidhi Sahore

A keen observer, a seeker of truth and a quick learner that is what she is. Though an academician by profession her career remains a priority however couldn’t resist the urge to write for herself and for the women around her who inspired her and the ones she always wanted to reach out to.The book ” Laughing Ghosts: Salvation of the Slaved Spirits” is a realization of the self for a little girl ‘Meenu’ poised to find her own truth of ghosts believed to be meandering around and looking up to her to reveal their side of the story. 

  • Ramendra Prasad Tiger

Ramendra Prasad Tiger is an aspiring screenwriter, lyricist, poet, and published author of the new generation. He is always very innovative, creative and the concept of his stories is always very heart-touching. He contributed to 15+ anthologies with his exciting stories and super emotional poems. All his short story focuses on social issues. He is a pool of talent, as he developed four feature-length stories, developed their screenplays, and recorded more than half a dozen songs in regional language. He is preparing to launch his book in Sep 2021, which he co-authored with one of his great friends.

  • Srijit Chakraborty


Srijit Chakraborty is one of the youngest emerging authors of India. He was born in the year 2006. Since a very small age he was very fascinated about writing. At the age of fourteen he published his first book named “The Evergreen Emotion” which already had left a splendid impact in the indian literary society. Srijit is also known for motivating the youth through his poems. For his achievements Srijit has got many appreciations, nominations and also few awards. Apart from being a writer Srijit is also a motivator and karate black belt possessor.

  • Sanjana R. Huddar

Sanjana R. Huddar is a 22 year old aspiring girl. She is an engineering student and she is from Bangalore, Karnataka. She is a voracious reader and an aspiring writer. Writing is not only her dream and passion but also her first love. She is the co-authors of my books. She is the compiler of For The Love Of You and a few more books. You can follow her on instagram as sanjanarh/thesilentone09.

  • Rashmi Maurya


Rashmi Maurya is an empath. She is capable of sensing others’ emotions as her own and she loves to express everything she experiences, in her words. She is also good in calming a person down by giving him/her required clarity. People say that her words mimic their innervoice, so to find yours kindly check her insta account (@_the_exploration_zone). 

  •  Rohan Saha

Rohan Saha is currently pursuing his CSE from ITER, SOA. Writing for him does not only mean penning down the play of words but penning down emotions in each word so that people would connect and relate with it. He has already been a co-author in more than 30+ anthologies. He has compiled 5 anthologies and more are yet to come.  Now he has bind up hands with THE QUIDDITCH INK PUBLICATION to help the emerging writers to be published AUTHORS.

  •  Akshay Kumar S


 Mr. AKSHAY KUMAR S is an undergraduate student. He has been a co-author and contributed to many anthologies and publications of books in a very short span of time(in less than one month), participated in many writing contests by submitting my technical articles which are very helpful for the present world like( 5G technology, solar windows, neuralink, deliverance of life saving oxygen, hydrogen fuel vehicles etc) also got consolation prize or a special mentions for the article from the jury panel in a particular writing competition. 

  •  Ananya

Ananya is a food technologist in the making. She is passionate about food and everything it entails. To explore the technical side of helping food last longer that is food preservation, she has a book coming up about it. She enjoys writing about food almost as much as she enjoys tasting it. She is currently completing her bachelors in food technology. The book is reflective of her passion for food. She plans on exploring and experiencing new food and documenting the same.

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