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Top 10 Best Academic Writing Accounts and Websites

Academic writing entails completing homework for students and being paid on schedule. It is one of the most profitable online jobs that one may start and eventually turn into a full-time job that can support one’s daily necessities.

To earn money, one can write for one of two sorts of accounts. Take Accounts and Bid accounts are the two types of accounts. Take accounts are those who post available writing jobs on the website dashboard, which is accessible to anybody. Personalized essay writing services are available from some academic writing accounts.

Bid accounts, on the other hand, compel writers to compete for available writing projects. The account owner then reviews the bids and selects the most competent writer for the task based on criteria such as the lowest bid. This article focuses on the top 10 Academic writing accounts and websites to consider when looking for an online career.


Uvocorp is the oldest writing account, having been established in2004, and is regarded as the best in terms of excellent performance and, as a result, remuneration. The account receives an average of a quarter-million visitors every year and pays the lucky writers $27 per completed page. Getting an account with Uvocorp is nearly impossible.


Essay writers is a corporation established in Ukraine. As a result of owning several affiliate sites, this company receives a big number of orders. However, the CPP (cost per page) changes based on the availability of employment.

The CPP (cost per page) might be as low as three dollars per page during the low season. This isn’t a big concern, though, because it’s more than compensated during peak season.

Writer Bay

Writer Bay is committed to delivering top-notch academic writing services to students in the United States and the United Kingdom who require academic assignment help. It is much simpler to register with Writer Bay and gain access to a variety of writing possibilities. As of 2021, the eleven-year-old account is one of the best-paying in the industry.


Another excellent writing account is Nerdify. It provides high-quality writing services to clients in a variety of categories and themes. Its portfolio is well-diversified, ensuring that writers are accessible for each sort of work requested.

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Michael soft Writers Hub

Michael soft Writers Hub is a UK-based online account that provides writing services to clients all around the world. The account is one of the most paying on the internet, and its authors must be very talented and efficient in their job. At all times, deadlines and established criteria must be followed.

This account is one of the greatest to write for because it provides academic writing services. Work is frequently well rewarded during high seasons, often topping $5 per page completed.


Essaypro provides high-quality writing services to its clients and requires that its writers provide high-quality work that is free of plagiarism and delivered on time. Essaypro is dedicated to providing the greatest services to its customers.


Proficient writers are a well-known name in the writing market, and you can tell by its name that it is a site dedicated to excellence and provides nothing less. Making an account with proficient writers is a good way to supplement your income online.

Unemployed Professors is one of the most popular accounts on the internet owing to its humorous appeal. Given the enormous number of clients, the account produces high-quality work and pays authors well for each page completed. Accessing an account with unemployed Professors is a long shot.

Simple tense

Simple tense is a writing service that benefits both clients and writers. The site has been designed to ensure that all work completed is of the highest quality and meets the clients’ expectations. Clients obtain high-quality work, and writers are fairly compensated.

Simple tense caters to a very specific group of students in American colleges: Chinese students. The claim is that Chinese students face the most difficulties when writing English essays. Simple tense is extremely targeted towards this type of consumer. Its website even includes a Chinese version.

Writers Web

Writers’ web is another high-ranking writing account that provides a wide range of writing services and never disappoints clients with the work they provide. Creating an account with Writers Web is a sensible choice if you want to make money from your writing skills.

Grade miners

Grade miners is an account dedicated to academic writing and providing clients with high-quality services. According to customer feedback, working with grade miners is a great experience.

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Bottom line

The purpose of this article is to provide you with alternatives. Apply to be a freelancer on as many academic writing sites as feasible by going through the list. This post does not include hundreds, if not thousands, of academic writing accounts.

The account on the list above has been hand-picked to be worth your attention.

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