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Three Ways to Prepare for Your Online Doctor Visit

Three Ways to Prepare for Your Online Doctor Visit

The pandemic has ushered the world into a new normal. In today’s society, practices such as online shopping, paying bills online, and remote working are no longer alternative trends but new ways of life. Healthcare has not been immune to such changes as more and more people leverage telehealth services. A recent study showed that from 2014 to 2018, telehealth services grew by 1400%. 

Telehealth is undoubtedly beneficial as it offers ease of access to care. This approach is a convenient way for people to consult doctors online, get a diagnosis, and medical evaluation from within their home’s comfort and safety. Telehealth is a blessing for vulnerable populations, including people with limited motion and chronic conditions, as they can use their smartphones, tablets, or PCs to engage with their care practitioners. 

But this new normal has brought with it a lot of questions. One of the questions in everyone’s mind is, how do you prepare for your online visit to the doctor? Do you reach out while you are still in your pajamas, or do you dress up as we used to when visiting a physical facility? 

Rule #1: Talk To Your Health Insurance Company First 

Your first step should be talking to your health insurance to figure out if they cover telehealth services. During the COVID-19 pandemic, insurance companies and Medicaid have expanded their coverage to include telehealth and COVID-19 related issues. Some even have gone so far as to cover general primary care visits. Confirm this as some insurance companies require the client to copay for these services. There are plenty of primary care telehealth services that are low cost, however, start with your insurance if you have it.

Rule #2: Note Down Symptoms & any Pre-existing Medical Conditions 

Try to prepare for a telemedicine visit by writing down your symptoms. Make a list of all the symptoms you have experienced and note how long those symptoms have persisted. This practice will make it easier for an online doctor to diagnose you. 

Aside from symptoms, your practitioner will enquire about your medical history. As such, you should note any pre-existing conditions that you have and whether you have taken medication for these conditions. 

Be prepared to answer questions about your symptoms, medical history, previous or current prescriptions, and present health status so that your care practitioner can properly diagnose the illness. Similarly, note down questions that you may want to ask the practitioner during your online visit. 

Rule #3: Find A Quiet Place For Your Visit 

Your online visit won’t go well if you have noise in the background. If you are in a place where people can walk in and out, you are likely to have miscommunication. As such, you should find a quiet place for your telehealth appointment. Also, if you can, try to log on five to ten minutes before to test the connection and make sure your computer or mobile phone is up and running to make the most of your visit.

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