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This Mental Health Expert Britney Renee Gooch Is Turning Tragedy To Opportunities & Reshaping Her Community

Britney Renee Gooch is an entrepreneur and an expert in mental health. She owns and runs several mental health clinics. Additionally, she is an author of a book titled Putting On Face, a story that provides hope to the hopeless, encourages the disappointed and teaches you how your pain serves a purpose.
Britney comes from a two-parent family. Her parents have been married for 36 years, and she has two sisters and a half-brother

Background Story

Growing up, Britney experienced a lot of great things and places being that her father was a professional athlete. Unfortunately, some of the things we’re not so great due to her father’s infidelities towards her mother. 

 Britney’s father was a great provider and she made many sacrifices for their family and did many great things. However, he did not teach Britney and her sisters to be loved correctly. 

Her mother made every effort to ensure that they grew up with a father in a two-parent home. Regretfully, Britney developed daddy issues because the hurt that the family faced was dealt with silently. 

The Challenges

Britney watched her mother deal with many challenges in her parent’s marriage.  In return, Britney picked up many toxic traits trying to guard her heart and not end up like her mother. 

Unfortunately, Britney found herself in different relationships that were very unhealthy. She got married at a very young age,  22. A year later, on the same date, she was married, Britney got divorced. She found herself dealing with infidelities, just like her mother.

Britney also found herself in a very abusive and domestically violent relationship after her marriage. She hit a very low point and moment in her life and she became very depressed.

Britney did a soul search to learn how she would heal from her mental trauma and move forward in her life. 

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Dealing With Mental Health: Then & Now

Mental health is certainly on the rise and has become more trendy. However, before that, there were many stigmas against mental health. If you went to get therapy, you were deemed crazy, or something was wrong with you, especially in the black community. 

Therapy is not something that we get; you are taught to leave things in your home. Like the saying  “whatever happens in your home remains in your home.” Unfortunately, that is wrong information. You have to heal from your trauma; if not, you will bleed on other people. 

Helping The Community

Gratefully Britney managed to overcome her mental challenges. Today, she works with underserved populations. Britney works with individuals who are experiencing chronic homelessness and substance abuse and she also works with the division of child safety—kids who have been taken away from their homes and placed in group homes or foster care. Britney believes that you can never help anyone with a lie. Therefore, bringing individuals struggling with their mental health she has created a home away from home or a family away from home in her facilities. Britney is always very transparent and shares her story while being authentic with the clients and the demographics that she serves. 

Britney is happy that she doesn’t look like what she has been through. She keeps the lines of communication open, and that is how she has grown her business. Britney goes to homeless shelters, schools, parole boards, and agencies, etc., spreading mental health awareness because everyone can relate at some point in their life. 

You can connect with her today  at


Instagram: @britneyrenee247

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