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Things you should consider before using homemade organic skin care products, Al-Safahat

Traditional homemade recipes for skin care and hair care are very famous all over the world. Before the introduction of chemical-based solutions, people used to rely on home-based recipes. But nowadays in the fast-changing world, and rat race environment we do not have enough time to build up that calm personality to start a natural-based lifestyle all over again. 

Recently many of us have moved to organic, vegan, and natural living, but still, it is hard to stay away from the new normal easily. We can do anything and everything if we want, and nowadays many home-based organic products have come to the market. People are also giving extra time for self-care. But before you start to make a new formula based homemade organic skincare or hair care product, you must remember certain points:

Know the ingredients properly. There is no need to be a botanist to make some recipes, but you must research properly about the ingredient which you will use to make your product before applying it to your skin or hair. 
Remember the dosages. The amount is very important which should be considered properly to treat any kind of diseases or problems, and the perfect amount can do wonders as well as a slightly increased amount of the ingredient can become toxic for your skin and hair and cause permanent harm. 
Always make sure about the proper storage facility, otherwise, your energy will go into the drain. If you fail to store the product appropriately then there is no benefit to using organic skincare and hair care solution.
Give time to heal completely. Chemical products are easy to apply and give instant results. This criterion has made it famous over organic skincare and hair care products. But if you start to use organic products, then be consistent about making, applying, and storing the product properly. It will take at least 6-8 weeks minimum to show the actual results after religiously following the direction of usage. 

Sometimes our daily life has become too much congested, and after having a tiring day at the office we just give up the idea of making the organic product at home, ourselves. Nevertheless, knowing the exact ingredients, the perfect combination to get rid of those stubborn acne scars and dark spots are too tiresome to indulge in. It is also near to impossible to research every single product and then put it as the core ingredient to make the organic skincare and haircare formula.

Ayeesha Aquib, a housewife and mother of two children, has brought a new home-based organic skincare and haircare brand named Al-Safahat in 2018. The first product of this brand was Saffron Gel, and it later became one of the best selling products of Al-Safahat. The gel consists of Vitamin E, Saffron, Glycerin, and various type of essential oils. It reduces the blemishes, acne scars, and dark spots, along with tightening the skin and decreasing the aging process. 

In the wedding season of 2019, the organic skincare and haircare brand Al-Safahat launched various products along with the ‘Bride-To-Be’ hamper. By the end of 2018, Al-Safahatalready launched 7 face packs, 11 gels and creams, 5 serums, 4 face scrubs and various other products. In July 2020, Ayeesha Aquib launched its limited-edition product, the ‘Exotic Gold Facial Kit’.

In September 2020, Ayeesha Aquib launched the complete Baby Care Range of Al-Safahat. The Baby Massage Oil was launched in 2018 and has been loved by the customers since then. The new package contains 4 more baby care products along with the famous massage oil. 

Malini Kapoor, Saba Ibrahim, Shabnam Zaveri, Dj Khushi, Rashi Mehra, Afsha Galar, Palak Purswani, and many other well-known make-up artists and influencers wholeheartedly recommend the products of Al-Safahat. They have posed with Al-Safahat products many times during event launches and other programs.

Al-Safahat has launched their new website, in November 2020, with their new launch, ‘The Complete Hair Care’ package for adults.

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