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Thesurajkori is taking big steps towards becoming a famous Digital Creator

Thesurajkori Wiki&Bio


thesurajkori is a big name when it comes to Digital Creator and social media. Thanks to his presence on the web as a technical expert known for various other things like SEO, social media, influencer, PR expert, celebrity manager, and social media marketing expert to name a But looking at the core, he is a YouTuber of par excellence.

Not only that the company also publishes paid articles in News Journal. They also help Celebrities or Brand Entrepreneurs to get verified on social media pages like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The company fulfills the expectations of people by providing help by various artists, designers, social butterflies, writers, photographers, and strategists and they all are led by the Founder of the company, thesurajkori thesurajkori is Indian famous Blogger and artist. He has introduced his first eBook on Amazon and Digital Marketing The Reality in Hindi: thesurajkori (English Edition) eBook Kindle

on 18 Feb 2020 within the English with 12 pages. Basically, this eBook is written on Digital Marketing Reality

A few days before thesurajkori released his three new ebooks, an Easy Guide to urge a Digital Marketing youtube channel, SEO, Google Search Console, Pr Agency, etc. But, those videos are in the Hindi language and people’s eBooks are within English. 

Basically, thesurajkori starts his career first as a tech blogger or YouTuber. As sometimes later he enters within the Blogging field. If you search on youtube about BandraTech, you’ll get all information about thesurajkori YouTube his youtube channel as a Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Also, Microsoft bing officially verified thesurajkori on their bing search. you’ll get thesurajkori official knowledge panel on bing search as a youtube personality.
thesurajkori supports people with new ideas, small-scale business, es and those who are in need of counseling. Suraj Kori is always active socially to be the first hand to help someone who needs some guidance in work. He strongly believes that hard work is the key to success. He is a hard-working person that always turns fruitful and he always enjoys the journey of his work. Because he believes one should not only enjoy the goal but the whole journey to reach the goal. Albeit he believes in honesty, honesty towards his work, towards his company, towards his customers and that’s the reason BandraTech started the company with Rs 1000 (INR) and today he is having 2 offices, along with 25+ working team members and planning to expand with more new branches. He believes in himself and that is what keeps him going and growing.

It was not easy for thesurajkori . He has worked hard, advanced his skills with each passing year, and has established himself as a very reliable digital marketer
Established in the market and subsequently worked with many celebrities and top brands as a result. He started his career in his hometown, Mumbai Maharashtra, and made a name for himself globally with his constant encouragement.

He started the journey directly after completing his schooling. His most important venture was that of a stationary distributor. He was keen to explore more to join the major stationery companies of Mumbai (MH) during his graduation. After working in the field for 3 years, he was missing the virtue of being creative, so decided to explore. He says

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Suraj Kori
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Suraj Kori, known professionally as Thesurajkori, is an Indian YouTube Personality based in mumbai Maharashta India. Thesurajkori(Suraj Kori)

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