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The Power of Joy by Kelley Cunningham

THE POWER OF JOY—The Ultimate Guide To Living Your Best Life Ever, authored by Kelley Cunningham, could be the next big thing in transforming people’s lives! As its title suggests, this book is the ultimate guide to living your best life ever and encourages you to have a more intimate relationship with joy. 

The book is for anyone who wants a source of encouragement and a clear path forward to capturing meaning and purpose in their life. The age cohort in which Kelley’s narratives can best connect with falls between 20 and 60.; she believes that young adults to elders will benefit from the simple tips and tools throughout this ultimate guide to joy. In her personal stories, lifting encouragement, and comprehensive coaching, Kelley directs them to keep the momentum, energy, and never to give up even when challenges emerge unexpectedly. Her motivation refuels our spirit with the energy of joy and a never-give-up attitude.

A portion of the proceeds of her book will joyfully go towards supporting many nonprofit charities, including Joyful Children’s Home, a small orphanage Kelley and her husband Jeffery co-founded in Naibowa Parish, Uganda. Aside from that, some would be dedicated to advocating for the rights of all indigenous peoples across North America.

A Warrior Mindset 

Besides being an author, Kelley Cunningham is the owner and Chief Joy Officer of JoyINC, a life coaching company. She is a transformational life coach as well as a motivator and mentor. She is also an amazing mother of three loving kids and a wife and soul mate to her incredible husband, whose struggles triggered her journey to joy. 

Kelley discovered an inner warrior spirit who possesses the innate ability to self-direct her destiny and design her very own happily ever after amidst significant challenges in her life. As such, she absolutely believes that you possess the same inner warrior who can define success in your life and make you unstoppable. Remember, just simply take the time to learn how to tap into your powerful energy of joy. Kelley believes that we can all tap into the empowering energy of joy to lift our spirits even during the darkest days. 

Kelley’s Message to the World

The message of Kelley reaches far and wide and is rooted in the Genuity of her heart. This transformational coach believes that joy is the light of love. According to Kelley, joy releases the light of love out into the world, and whenever you spread love, you will inevitably receive a beam of joy back at you. This had been tried and tested as every struggle she has gone through has challenged her faith and resilience, yet she chose to power through with joy. 

Kelley champions for everyone to recognize they have greatness within them and deserve greatness in their lives. And, based on her experiences, joy most definitely can provide you with a constant stream of strength; it’s a powerful tool for your mind, body, and soul. Consequently, having this inner strength can tap your energy to manifest and self-direct your next steps to greatness. While it will be easier for some people to connect with joy more quickly than others, everyone has an equal opportunity to increase the amount of joy in their life. Joy, just like every other learned skill, must be worked for. As a result of your exertion of effort and being open, an increased level of joy will enter your life and will catapult you to new levels.

Warrior spirit 

When you believe in yourself as limitless, no limit will stop you. You, too, can thrive as a warrior in life by maintaining the spirit of a warrior—a fighter. All you need to do is act on your faith—by believing in yourself, staying determined, and never giving up. By drawing on the happy moments and memories as lifting tools that help create a lasting power of joy, the energy of joy will help you achieve success. 

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Read a copy of Kelley’s book to help shift your mindset towards a more meaningful life. THE POWER OF JOY will cheer you on and give you the momentum as well and the tips to tap into the renewing energy of joy to keep moving to the next level of your life and to never surrender your spirit to circumstance. 

The Most Anticipated Launch

Kelley’s debut book, THE POWER OF JOY, will launch in early 2022. The book will help uplift your spirits through turbulent times and give you insight and support to solve the problems in your life. Kelley also highlights that the contents of her book serve as words of encouragement to help you thrive and not merely survive when life hits you with an unexpected curveball. Therefore, prepare yourselves to get a copy of this enlightening transformational book. Transform how you think and maneuver through your life to achieve the best life ever status!

For more information on Kelley’s compelling and enlightening book of joy and its launch, date you can connect to her on,

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