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The Power Of An Empowered Model By Anne Therese Gennari.

Let’s face it; numerous campaigns are going around that emphasize diversity and empowerment, cutting across gender, race, size, and age. Incorporating the celebrity models in the mix brings about a powerful influence to many users that is way beyond monetary purpose.
Therefore, it is vital to fully grasp how celebrities can maximize their influence, bringing about critical humanitarian issues to the limelight. One of the many ways that can be adopted is through getting empowered.

What impact will this bring?

Many philanthropists have taken different approaches to empowering models. Anne Therese Gennari being one of the few individuals who have become a trailblazer. She has taken the initiative to become a community builder and help empower those who have a platform to make a difference. Anne resonates that given the right to use their voices to speak about things they believe in, models and other celebrities can be part of driving positive change. In the day and age of social media, public figures are no longer people we see snippets of in paparazzi shots and magazines. We can now follow their most personal lifestyles through the screens on our phones – and learn all about what they believe and have to say. We’re growing used to following our idols in their everyday lives, and we expect them to speak up about things that matter. We don’t just admire them from afar anymore; they’re becoming our daily inspirations and muses.

Little Known Facts About Anne Therese Gennari 

Anne Therese is the co-founder of Role Models Management – an ethical talent and modeling agency. Ever at the forefront of being a change-maker, Anne championed the idea of an ethical modeling agency in which models could use their pop-culture status to advocate activism; the agency would replace the historically silent muse with an innovator with a powerful voice. In 2017, Anne accomplished this vision when she co-founded Role Models Management with Val Emanuel. The agency focuses on providing an “environment where models feel safe and comfortable to learn and grow” while empowering them to go out and change the world. Consequently, the agency attracts brands that share the mission and pairs them with like-minded models who will authentically (and proudly) represent their brand.

Anne has always been an environmentalist, which she increasingly grew into as she actively advocated for positive change. And as her identity as a Climate Optimist further actualized, Anne spoke out about reconstructing the narrative on climate change. Instead of being paralyzed by frustration and anxiety towards climate change, the discussion was shifted to our daily potential to create a sustainable future. Thinking more along the lines of “What kind of world do we want to live in?” inspires a hopeful and actionable intention. Interweaving the motivations of climate change and quality of life creates hope in building an abundant life. The emphasis is on the joys of being alive today, coming together with other mission-driven individuals, and collectively tending to how the world can be better.

Redefining Historical Beauty Concept

In the current society composed of a greater fraction of people focused on portraying perfection, there is a breath of new wave to see a complete twist of new models who are at the forefront to prove that flaws and imperfection are also beautiful. Many fashion houses and modeling campaigns have applauded such models for being themselves and challenging the set standards in the modeling industry. Anne Therese emphasizes the need to embrace the change as it brings positive progress and brings an interest in diversity in the modeling industry.

Benefits of Being Empowered

Empowerment leads to gaining additional support in gaining self-motivation and stability. Empowerment gives you additional buffer support to ensure you achieve mental resilience, focus, and time-saving skills. Having a diverse portfolio of skill sets enables you to efficiently complete tasks, creates a double effect of value both to self and others, makes you flexible and adaptable to a different setup, and motivates and keeps you engaged.  

Tips to Forging Ahead

With the rapid increase in awareness and changes in behavioral adaptations, the world is evolving. It’s your time to find your voice and speak what’s in your heart. The best way forward is to connect with people who will help you unravel it.

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Role Models’ success reveals the absence of meaningful work that has afflicted the industry. The agency offers professional guidance that can open new doors and spark conversations, creating opportunities you wouldn’t have had alone. With Role Models as the light beneath you, it’s time you feel empowered. It’s never too late to inspire others. It’s never too late to be a role model.

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Ulyses Osuna has made his own unique advances to traditional PR-marketing activities to help his public relations endeavors succeed.

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