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The Mental Fight Every B2B Entrepreneur Must Overcome

There are many fears and battles that entrepreneurs face. One of the major ones is the mental fight of fear and anxiety. Fear of the unknown consumes many entrepreneurs and, if not confronted, will overwhelm us. Sometimes fear can keep us safe, but it can often hold us back, if not careful. As an entrepreneur, whatever your fears are, this is the time to overcome and break loose the chains pulling you down. 

Are you willing to move beyond your fears? This article presents to you Muhammad Asif’s secret on overcoming this mental fight fear and anxiety and skyrocketing your B2B to the next level. Someone may ask, what is B2B? B2B refers to business-to-business, a business model that focuses on selling services and products to other companies

About Asif

Asif runs a B2B business that provides finance, strategic, and operational advice to clients in the hospitality and retail sectors. He is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and CEO of Main Course Associates International (MCA). Asif was recently chosen as the CEO of the year 2020 for the UK in Hospitality (Food and Beverage Consulting) by the CEO monthly UK magazine. But how did Asif overcome his mental fears to become an icon in the entrepreneurship field?


  • Know The Source Of Your Fear


Anxiety and fear can cause stress and depression. When you worry about something that is not real, you activate the stress hormones, making you fail to perform at your best. It would, therefore, be best to identify the source or origin of your fears. Many entrepreneurs are afraid of what is not real and instead project a future problem. 

Identifying the origin of your fear will help you as an entrepreneur to tackle it head-on. Nobody wants to fight aimlessly. The best question to ask to tackle this issue is: Trace your attitudes back through your childhood and try to discover where you first got the idea that causes you fear or anxiety and that you couldn’t not be a success if that is the way you’ve been thinking, then try to change it.

Find What Motivates You

It is difficult for any entrepreneur to give the best results when they are feeling stressed. It is, therefore, vital to always find what motivates you daily. Whether it is meditation, family time, nature walk, or some sort of reading,, do it daily to find your motivation. These activities can help sustain our executive brain function. 

However, to find what motivates you, you need to be truthful with yourself. You also need to self-examine yourself and determine where exactly you want to go. This move will motivate you to overcome your fears and anxieties. 

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  • Tie Every Step You Make To Your Core Purpose


As an entrepreneur, do you love what you do? Then stay focussed on your targets. Whatever difficulty might arise, ensure you tie your decisions to your business’s core reasons and purposes. Never allow the daily challenges to overwhelm you and lose your ultimate goal or disconnect from your vision. 

Why should you stick to your core values and purposes? Because core values support your vision and shape your organization’s culture. Asif believes that values are like fingerprints-nobody’s are the same but we leave them all over everything we do.


  • Build A Dedicated Team


As an entrepreneur, you can never win alone. It would be best if you had support from other people. You might need a team to ease your duties since you cannot handle them all. Also, it is important to have an advisory board to help you with psychological roadblocks.   

A dedicated team will encourage you to stay mindful and mitigate entrepreneurial anxiety. Teamwork will also encourage healthy risk-taking that can save you from depression in case of a total loss. When everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

Differentiate What Is Important Vs. What Is Urgent

Many things can cause entrepreneurial anxiety. One of the chief causes is that it needs to be done for your business. You need to know what is important. If you continuously find yourself as an entrepreneur handling urgent matters, you are just putting out fires. Ensure that you identify and note down what is important in your business. Then go ahead to give the priority. Once you are aware of what is beneficial to your business, you can tackle them with ease, and this will help eliminate fear and anxiety. 

Asif encourages the use of Eisenhower decision matrix- it helps you decide on and prioritize tasks by urgency and importance, sorting out less urgent and important tasks which you should either delegate or not do at all.

Mental fights are real, and if not checked, can cause harm in one’s entrepreneurial journey. The above tips will help you mitigate the effects that come with fear and anxiety. For more information on making your B2B successful, you can connect with Muhammad Asif here.

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