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The Legacy Company Shares the Financial Strategies to Attain Abundance And Prosperity

No one wants to live in misery and poverty. Abundance and prosperity are the two things most people strive to have in life, however, most of the time, attaining these has become an elusive dream for many of us. This is due to the fact that many people lack the proper knowledge to achieve them. 


The Legacy Company founder David Hutchinson explained that the majority of individuals only get 5% of what they need to know about money in the early years of their education. Let us admit that financial education is not a priority in the current education system, therefore, we are left alone to discover everything else on our own, resulting in poor financial literacy.


In the United States, experts have observed the declining financial literacy among American adults. A recent study that compared financial literacy scores among countries revealed that adults in Scandinavian countries have far better financial literacy scores than American adults. Consequently, many young American adults tend to make miscalculated financial decisions that put them in more debt and lack retirement savings. 


Hence, The Legacy Company is undertaking an effort to change the way people are educated on the financial game of life. Since 2009, the financial and insurance agency provides its clients with a holistic approach to wealth creation.


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Defining Abundance and Prosperity

People tend to use abundance and prosperity interchangeably. The two terms might be interrelated, but they are pretty different from each other. Hutchinson explained that abundance yields a return value to the heart, while prosperity yields a return to a person’s finances. In other words, abundance refers to intangible dividends, while prosperity refers to tangible ones.


When we discuss abundance, we are talking about the benefits to your body, mind, and spirit or things that provide value to your inner self. Abundance includes having a positive attitude, contentment, wisdom, quality relationships, joy, respect, and integrity. These are things that give us the feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. Some people want to refer to it as intangible wealth.


On the other hand, Hutchinson said that prosperity is the thing that benefits a person’s bank account or wallet. It includes money, investments, properties, vehicles, among others. Many people refer to it as tangible wealth.


In most financial strategies, advisors focus on tangible wealth, like growing a person’s finances. The Legacy Company is unique in this sense since its strategies dealt with intangible (abundance) and tangible (prosperity) wealth. The company recognizes that wealth creation is not only about finances. It also involves the mindset, health, and spirit.


The Legacy Company’s Holistic Approach

The Legacy Company, an education, and development company that aims to teach individuals about the proper handling of finances, is a firm believer that creating wealth should be seen from a bigger picture. Hutchinson explained that most people have a common misconception that wealth creation equates only to money and finances. This is untrue because wealth creation involves all pillars of life—mind, body, family, and finances. If you only focus on finance, you might have a prosperous bank account, but it will not automatically translate into a feeling of fulfillment. Tangible wealth is only a part of the equation, but not the whole.

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The company has been advocating that if people want physical and financial wealth in their lives, they need to have the proper mindset and a healthy body. This is the reason why the company’s wealth strategies address the four pillars of life. Hutchinson said that the company recognizes the importance of a healthy body in wealth creation. Hence, part of our strategies is to provide fitness, nutrition, or supplementation advice. The objective of Hutchinson and his company is not solely about improving someone’s financial stability; they also aim to create a culture wherein individuals desire better physical wellness and nutritional health. 


To enrich the mind, the company offers mindset and mental wellness strategies. Hutchison explained that financial and fitness principles are nothing if people do not have the proper mindset and consistency. Tactical strategies and mindset go hand-in-hand to help you achieve a positive outcome.


He also emphasized that family is a significant aspect of wealth creation. The Legacy Company addresses this pillar of life through its community and expert support. Usually, the best results and outcomes in life come from being part of a community or group that holds you accountable. Their clients are not treated simply as just clients or referral partners, rather they are seen as members of the community—a community that makes every effort so everybody can have a better life.


For the financial aspect, the agency is proud to have licensed financial professionals who give clients financial education and guide them through their investments and retirement plans. Their team of advisors can teach anything from the basics of money and financials to the long-term strategies of investing for retirement. Creating financially sound individuals is the primary goal of the company.


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Why The Legacy Company?

The Legacy Company has been in the financial and coaching industry for ten years. Over the years, the company played a significant role in creating wealth for many of its clients. The financial and insurance agency is run by a seasoned financial expert and wealth coach, David Hutchinson.


Hutchinson is backed by many years of experience as a financial professional and wealth coach. He previously worked for some of the prominent companies in the industry, such as Prudential and Wells Fargo. He learned some of the best wealth strategies from several notable wealth managers who took him under their wings while he was a newcomer. His mentors are accomplished professionals who manage hundreds of millions in assets and private equity and run multiple businesses.


The company is also proud of its growing team of hungry advisors prepared to educate people on how to achieve abundance and prosperity in life.

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