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Meet Tony Delgado: The Face Behind Disrupt Puerto Rico

UPDATED 6/24/2020: Tony Delgado was recently recognized by technology publication Hacker Noon and Y Combinator News for his work in the Puerto Rico software developer community. Tony’s other venture Latino Wall Street, was already recently recognized by and accepted into the Forbes Finance Council for there work teaching investing education in the Hispanic community. This article has been updated to reflex the changes.

When disaster strikes there are not many people who are willing to lend a helping hand to a neighboring state or country. In 2017 Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico and the outcome was devastating. Many people were left without a home, and even worse, were injured and killed. Nobody knew how bad the Hurricane was going to be until it finally struck. People from all over the world went to go help rebuild and support Puerto Rico in their time of need, amongst those people was Tony Delgado. 

Tony Delgado  (@disruptceo) made the bold move to go and fly over to Puerto Rico to go help the people. While he was there helping others, he began to notice the economic problems that Puerto Rico had. It was hard to come by money, food, water, and power, but the only people who had all of that were wealthy. He knew something had to change because it couldn’t stay like that forever.

From New York To Puerto Rico

At that moment, Delgado realized he had to stay there in Puerto Rico so he could help out in any way he can. He wanted to help the community and the people in it. After he got back home from Puerto Rico, he decided to go back and live there full-time. He saw a huge opportunity to teach people about entrepreneurship and how to scale online businesses to 7 Figures and beyond. That is why he created his Disrupt Program so that kids and adults could learn the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. Delgado then partnered with Alan Burak and Gabriela Berrospi to start Latino Wall Street, a movement to educate Latin America about the opportunities on the stock market and to help people create financial freedom.

Tony knew that all of his years of experience in social media marketing, technology, and being a serial entrepreneur, he could really share some value with others. It was simple; more people needed to make more money to balance everything out. Tony has helped thousands of people in Puerto Rico start a business or course online that is actually profitable. Disrupt has collaborated with many entrepreneurs and brands such as Gerard Adams, Steve Madden, Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, K-Swiss, and Marvel Comics.

The SXSW Of The Caribbean

On top of his program to help educate the people of Puerto Rico, he also hosts an event every year called Disrupt Week. The whole purpose of the conference is to bring value and knowledge to entrepreneurs and people who want to become entrepreneurs. This year’s event was from October 19th, 2019, to October 27th, 2019. Some of the speakers this year included Gerard Adams, John Malott, Ryan Stewman, Brian Breach, Sam Bakhtiar, Jason Capital, Paul Getter, John Lee Dumas, and many more.

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The event is the most significant Entrepreneur and Tech conference in Puerto Rico, and it is specifically aimed to help educate and bring value to the people of Puerto Rico and to whoever else wants to join in. Tony Delgado often interviews and connects with great entrepreneurs who are leaders in their industry, and he writes about it on his Disrupt Magazine publication to share knowledge with others.

Tony Delgado is here to stay in Puerto Rico, and every single day, he helps grow the Disrupt Nation and continues his mission of using technology, innovation and entrepreneurship to create generational wealth in the Latino community. With all of the people he has educated, there are more people than ever making money in Puerto Rico, which is growing its economy. Delgado chose to take on something bigger than himself, and he is absolutely crushing it.


Nicole Lopez

Nicole Lopez is a Senior Staff Writer at Yolo Daily, the #1 Digital Publication For Millennial News. Based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, she covers topics such as entertainment, business, events, culture and news. She is also fluent in both English and Spanish.

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