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The Era of Content Creators: How to Successfully Work with Them

Recently, there has been a surge of content creators. On an international scale, brands and companies are turning to influential social media gurus to promote their merchandise. The fact that anyone can start creating content from a smartphone makes online advertising the best bet for brands who still need to increase their presence in the digital world.

So, how can you successfully work with a content creator? How can you ensure that you both of you get what you want without having to compromise the important details? We will dive more into best practices and how we help brands work with our influencers in a way that is seamless.

Get The Right Crowd

You can successfully work with a content creator by getting the right one in the first place. According to your business, you can search for a person who identifies and already advocates for the qualities you do.

At Role Models Management, we empower models. They are given a choice to do what they like and support the values they believe in. As a result, each one is molded to be the right person with the appropriate crowd for a given brand.

The primary duty of our agency is to operate in a way that favors a model’s interest. We came together to ensure we offer the best as model activists. Whether you need a celebrity endorsement, animal rights activist, or professional athlete, we are bound to help you find the right person.

More than getting a person with a considerable following, relevance is critical. At the end of the day, a content creator’s work is to get your business out there to prospective clients. The person you should trust with this mandate is anyone who already has the ideal audience. Draw the right content creator to you, get more customer interaction, and ultimately, gain profits.

Give Them a Voice

Content creators remain relevant for a reason. They usually have unique personalities that their fans relate to and love. In our agency, we, as Role Models Management’s founders, ensure every model stands for what they believe.

Rather than conforming to what a brand sells, our talents incorporate the brand in what they do. Models have the freedom to creatively express the brand they are promoting, so long as they do not go against the company’s fundamental values.

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If you want to deal with any content creator successfully, you need to give them a leeway to do what they do best, with your name in there. It would be best if you tell them your expectations and also talk about what you consider inappropriate.

Without the zing that keeps viewers glued, the creative will start losing the numbers. When that happens, your product is exposed to a smaller audience. As a result, you do not get as many sales or the popularity you projected to garner.

Give Them Something To Work With

The only way to guarantee that you will get what you need for your brand is by providing assets. Brand color guides, font guides, talking points, and references to other campaigns that have worked in the past should be released to agencies and content creators when you are sending contracts.

It’s smart to choose a creator whose vibe fits yours, but sometimes the best thing you can do is to show them Pinterest boards, shot lists, and direct examples of what your brand needs to make a successful collaboration. No one likes to do a reshoot! This is a sure way to get what you need the first time around and have your advertising consistent across all channels.

Pay Them Right

The best way to guarantee a great work relationship with a content creator is by paying them accordingly. By the end of the day, that is the business that earns them a living. You can base this off of what you expect from the model and how the brand wants to use the image.

How long do you want the influencer to keep the post up for? How many images do you need delivered? Do they need to hire a photographer or can they shoot this on a tripod at home? Do you need a photo as well as a video? Do they have to be exclusive for you? The stricter the terms, the more you will have to pay creators. The moment a content creator feels they are paid their works worth, they genuinely talk about you and your brand.

Moreover, it is worth noting that different platforms have different rates. For example, sharing a clip through TikTok is more affordable than posting on Instagram for most influencers. This is because the shopping platform of TikTok is weaker than Instagram’s. Therefore, if you are working with a tight budget, consider getting a TikTok star who has economical rates for starters or pick a micro-influencer with great engagement. You don’t always need an influencer with millions of followers to boost sales.

If your profits or ratings start going up, it means your content creator is doing an exemplary job. To keep the fire burning, you can increase their rate. Alternatively, you can be offering them a small token of appreciation from time to time when they complete every milestone, such as affiliating codes and products in addition to pay. When you do so, the content creator is motivated, and motivation is the root of hard work. You will notice how they effortlessly return the favor by mentioning you more often or going above and beyond the agreement to show appreciation. 


In this digital era, it is nearly impossible to run a business without looking for a content creator to market you online. Luckily, working with them is not rocket science. As long as you get the most appropriate ones, let them be themselves, and pay them right, everything will run smoothly.

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If you’re looking for content creators with empowered voices, check out our diverse roster of talents at

Anne Therese Gennari

community builder and stubborn believer in collective, positive change. co-founder of the ethical modeling agency Role Models Management and the founder of The Action Squad

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