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Find Out How To End Your Real Estates Struggles With Steve Patti -The Founder Of First National Title

Steve Patti is a real estate attorney, Operator, and organizer. He is also a serial entrepreneur in the real estate niche and founded the company First National Title. As an entrepreneur and an expert in this niche, Steve understands the challenges faced by real estate investors and entrepreneurs. His company includes a team of experts who help their clients close real estate transactions promptly, accurately, and professionally. 

We had an interview with Steve Patti to learn how the company helps their clients end their real estate struggles. 

About Steve Patti 

Steve is an expert in the real estate niche. He acts as a real estate attorney, handling real estate closings across the country. He has managed to build one of the leading title companies in the country focusing on residential and commercial real estate. 

Steve began as a sole proprietor and built a competitive business.  He has transformed the company from being mainly a regional title company to a national title company that consistently delivers a great experience. 

Steve grew up in a small town, went to law school in his 20s during the sub-prime mortgage boom which led him into his career as a real estate attorney.  Fortunately, his passion for real estate propelled him to become a leader in the field.  He has an amazing wife and children and having a family has motivated him to create a massive change in the real estate world.

How to End Your Real Estate Struggles 

Most agents fail in real estate because they do not have extensive insights into matters such as social media, law, business development, and negotiations. Most people think real estate is easy. However, the reality is that it takes time to master the art of negotiating and closing sales. 

One of the struggles in real estate is time. Most people enter the field, thinking that it will be easy to get clients and close sales. However, real estate is a time-consuming process. You will spend long hours talking to clients and looking for new clients on social media,and lead sources. This struggle can only be overcome by creating a proper schedule and being relentless in your calls and follow up. Creating a schedule that prioritizes business building and prospecting is imperative.

The second struggle is making a sale. Most people think that the secret to success is making a doing this quickly. The reality is that the market has changed, clients are more demanding and people don’t want an agent who just wants to sell to them.  People want an agent who they can relate to, who understands their pain points and brings value. The power of social media and word of mouth is extremely powerful today.  Most agents will get a new customer as a result of a referral and great reviews. Studies show that 82% of real transactions are from repeat and referral businesses. Therefore, instead of looking at a customer as a sales deal, an agent should look at a potential client as a partner. This client is your biggest opportunity to get your next deal. 

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Real estate agents are also struggling to leverage the use of social media. The role of social media in real estate cannot be overemphasized. In a world where 3.81 billion people worldwide are on social media, the key to success is using social platforms to the best of your ability.  Did you know that 99% of millennials begin their home search online? However, the reality is that most agents struggle with lead conversion on social media. Real estate agents can overcome this hurdle by optimizing their social efforts. This optimization entails creating relevant content that is shareable and engaging. You don’t create the content that you feel would captivate your audience. Instead, you conduct a search for your target audience and develop content that communicates their pain points and your role in helping them overcome these pain points. Steve’s company offers agents training on social media.

When it comes down to it, Steve understands that sometimes facing challenges alone can seem nearly impossible. But, with great guidance and support, you will be able to overcome even the toughest of struggles within the real estate scene. Rather than continuing to struggle reach out to Steve and his team as soon as possible to help close more transactions, and elevate your career. Now is a better time than ever. 

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