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Startup Programs, Startup Credits & Perks

Here is a collection of awesome Startup Programs, Startup Credits & Perks to help startups launch and scale faster – for both new emerging startups and existing startups looking to scale.


By Solodan Dan


Amazon AWS:

Activate Founders & Activate Portfolio

AWS Activate for Startups, Founders, & Entrepreneurs; AWS Activate is a free program specifically designed for startups and early stage entrepreneurs that offers the resources needed to get started on AWS.

Activate Founders

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Activate Founders provides self-funded and bootstrapped startups with $1,000 in AWS credits, $350 in Developer support credits, pre-built infrastructure templates, exclusive offers, and more. To apply, ensure you meet the application criteria below.

To apply, please review the application criteria below:

New to AWS Activate Founders

Have not previously received credits from AWS Activate Portfolio

Have an active AWS Account

Startup must be self-funded, unbacked or bootstrapped – no institutional funding or affiliation with an Activate Provider

A company website or web profile

Startup must be less than 10 years old

Activate Portfolio

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Activate Portfolio provides startups associated with a venture capital firm, accelerator, incubator, or other startup-enabling organization that is also an AWS Activate Provider with up to $100,000 in AWS credits, up to $10,000 in AWS Business support credits, pre-built infrastructure templates, training, curated content, exclusive offers, and more. To apply, ensure you meet please review the application criteria below:

Startup must be unfunded or funded (up to and including Pre-Seed, Angel, Seed, Debt Financing and Series A)

Have your Activate Provider’s organization ID

A company website

LinkedIn profile (applicant)

An active AWS account

Must not have previously received AWS Activate credits at equal or greater value from the same or different Activate Provider

Must not have exceeded $100,000 USD in awarded or redeemed AWS credits from AWS Activate

Startup must be less than 10 years old

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Google Startups:

Google for Startups & Google Cloud for Startups.

Google for Startups: Google for Startups connects founders with the right people, Google products, and best practices to help startups grow.

Google Cloud for Startups: Offers Google’s product credits, technical training, and business support. Startups can scale-up with credits for Google Cloud plus additional credits for Google Workspace and other products. Accepted startups also get dedicated support, one-to-one guidance from Google engineers, expert mentoring, technical training, and resources.



Twilio Startups:

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Twilio is an American cloud communications platform as a service company. Twilio allows software developers to programmatically make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and perform other communication functions using its web service APIs.

Twilio Impact Access Program & Twilio for Startups Credits:

Twilio Impact Access Program

The Twilio Impact Access program helps NGOs & startups reach their communication goals and scale NGOs & startup organization’s impact. Program support encompasses Twilio technology, employees, the Impact Corps developer community, partners, and more.

PROGRAM BENEFITS are 1) A $500 USD kickstart credit—enough for roughly 80,000 text messages. 2) Discounts on Twilio product usage. 3) Volunteer support through the Impact Corps. 4) Invitation to apply for grants and investments through the Impact Fund. 5) Access to Twilio resources, including tutorials, guides, and customer support.

Twilio for Startups Credits

To qualify for Twilio Startups credits, you must:

Be a pre-Series A company looking to scale

Have been founded in the last 5 years

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Have a Twilio Account and/or Twilio SendGrid Account

Be ready to use the Twilio Startups credits in the next 12 months

Not previously received credits from Twilio and/or Twilio SendGrid



Segment Startup Program:

Segment offers a Startup Program to enable early startups to track data correctly and easily test the marketing and analytics tools necessary to grow their business.

Eligible startups get full access to Segment team plan (up to $25,000 value) free for up to two years & $1M in free software

Segment partnered with marketing and analytics companies like Amplitude, AWS, and Intercom to offer sweet deals on the tools startups need most. The program is open to any early-stage startup that meets the following eligibility requirements:

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Incorporated less than two years ago

Raised no more than $5MM in total funding

Located in Google Cloud eligible territory

haven’t previously received other Segment discounts

The Segment Startup Program includes three components:

Segment’s Startup Deal – Participating startups receive $25,000* in annual credit toward our monthly Team plan for as long as they meet our eligibility requirements (up to 2 years).

Partner Startup Deals – Segment partners with other technology companies that offer valuable tools for startups to offer exclusive deals and promotions from marketing, data warehouse, and analytics tools.

Startup Resources – Segment offers learning materials on topics like analytics, product-market fit, and more for founders to become experts on data analytics and making the most of Segment’s technology.


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Digital Ocean:

Hatch is DigitalOcean’s global startup program designed to support startups as they launch and scale. This includes access to DigitalOcean’s cloud for 12 months, technical training, mentorship, priority support, and an opportunity to connect with other startups, accelerators, and investors. Startups receives 12 months of infrastructure credit (amount varies by partner organization). DigitalOcean has partnered with select accelerators, incubators, and venture capital funds to build a quality platform for growing young companies. If you’re affiliated with one of those partners, DigitalOcean will provide infrastructure credit for 12 months, along with technical training, mentorship, priority support, and an opportunity to connect with other startups, accelerators, and investors.



GitHub Student Developer Pack:

GitHub Student Developer Pack is the most significant set of free tools and services specially designed for students by GitHub and its partners across the globe, at no cost. From coding boot camps, logging service, code checkers, online IDEs, mass email service – everything is available to students at zero cost.

Github Education Pack provides a variety of benefits from its partnerships with software companies across the globe. The pack offers so much worth of products and licenses for free to students.

Benefits Includes:-

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Canva: Free 12 month subscription of Canva’s Pro tier.

Namecheap: 1 year domain name registration on the .me TLD.

Microsoft Azure: Free access to 25+ Microsoft Azure cloud services plus $100 in Azure credit.

GitHub: Free GitHub Pro while you are a student.

Bootstrap Studio: A free license for Bootstrap Studio while you are a student.

.TECH: One standard .TECH domain free for 1 year and 2 free email accounts with 100 MB free storage

StreamYard: Free access to the Essential Plan while you are a student.

Stripe: Waived transaction fees on first $1000 in revenue processed.

And a lots of other offers & perks from GitHub Student Developer Pack, too numerous to mention..

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Other Great Startup Credits & Perks includes :


Startup with IBM: With $120,000 in free IBM Cloud credits, Startup with IBM can put your business on the path to transformative growth. Disrupt your industry with IBM.


MongoDB for Startups: Spend time growing your startup, not managing your database. Apply for $3,000 in free MongoDB Atlas credits, access to technical advisors, and more.


Oracle for Startups: Oracle is delivering a unique acceleration program that enables mutually beneficial business-building partnerships for startups, their customers, and Oracle. It starts with free cloud and expands to a rich collaboration that brings opportunities to engage with Oracle’s vast network of mentors, product experts, and customers.

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Microsoft for Startups: Get access to a wide range of benefits—from technical resources and free Azure cloud, to selling alongside Microsoft salespeople and partner channel.


Create@Alibaba Cloud: Create@Alibaba Cloud is Alibaba’s Cloud global program focused on accelerating business success for startups.



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