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SouganDilli Indo-Iranian Adhuri Kahani (An incomplete Indo-Iranian story)

Anyone’s life can change with a small incident forever. My life also changed, it has got a new and special color after my first travel to India and especially to Delhi (Dilli). My story, the SouganDevraj love story (Sougand & Devraj) is an Indo-Iranian story. Maybe this is rummy and strange to you, as there is no space between the names of these two persons and D is in common. Well, the D of Dilli is the end of SouganD and the beginning of Devraj! This book is more than just a genre. SouganDilli, is a love story, a novel which is a Safar Namah (Travelogue) of an Iranian girl in Delhi, India. A book that in many aspects is a real story.

Delhi is with D… Dunya (world) is with D

Dil (heart) is with D… Dard (pain) is with D

SouganD finishes with D, but Devraj starts with D

And Devraj’s Deewangi (madness) is also with D…

About SouganDilli:

Sougand, an Iranian girl, is excited as her articles get selected in one of the international conferences at the Delhi University. She is all set to visit Dilli (as she calls, Delhi), the place she feels connected with her Dil. The moment she lands in Delhi she starts savoring all the pleasant essence of the city. Entering the hotel, which she booked for her Delhi stay, she bumps into a handsome man who kindly returns her passport which she’d dropped by mistake. Soon she comes to know that the man she bumped is none other than the hotel manager- Devraj. Devraj is a kind and helping gentleman who shows Sougand the city of Dilwale, Dilli. Wandering through the beautiful city of Dilli, Sougand and Devraj start to feel something in their Dil.  SouganDilli is a sweet tale that will take you through the city of Delhi and make you fall in love with it.

Devraj never knew a princess will come to him from some other country. But unexpected things come to us at the most crucial moment of our life. He met someone from Iran who came to India and took his heart with her forever. Will she be back?

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About Sougand Akbarian:

Sougand Akbarian is a young Iranian translator and author. She is a bestselling translator in Iran of Indian literature into Farsi (Persian). She has been to India many times and especially to Delhi as a traveler and interpreter, that is the reason she decided to write her travelogue in the English language based on her Delhi travel as SouganDilli which also made her the bestseller author as well. Sougand is also a researcher and scholar in Translation Studies and she already presented and published her papers and articles in national and international conferences in Iran and India. She is a TEDx speaker as well. Sougand is currently based in Iran. She has completed her Masters in English Language, Translation Studies. You can reach out to her on Instagram handle @Sougand_Akbarian, Facebook @Sougand.Akbarian, Twitter @SougandAkbarian, or write to her at [email protected]


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