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Social Media Star Morgan Lux Shares Her Journey to Success

As a social media star and thriving entrepreneur, Lux overcame numerous challenges to create the life she had always envisioned

Life has a way of sending its toughest battles to the strongest individuals. Social media star and entrepreneur Morgan Lux knows this as well as anyone, as she has faced a myriad of challenges in her life. Despite all of the adversity she’s dealt with, Morgan remained persistent with her goals and has conquered every challenge thrown her way. She has taken full advantage of the lessons she’s learned, which ultimately transformed her into the six-figure earning influencer and entrepreneur she is today.

For Morgan, life’s harsh realities began from a very young age. Growing up financially unstable, Morgan found herself constantly moving around and was even homeless at one point in time. After two years of living in a motor home, Morgan’s family was finally able to afford a house, but this came short lived as the house burnt down due to electrical issues less than a year after moving in. Unfortunately, this forced her family to move back into a motor home. At the time, Morgan was 14 years old and was attending Fullerton Union, one of the largest high schools on the West Coast. Students at her high school soon found out about her living situation, and rumors began to spread. Morgan encountered many bullies and was often ridiculed and teased for her living arrangements.

The combination of fighting homelessness, being bullied in school, as well as experiencing abuse at home motivated Morgan to find a way to change her situation. She graduated high school a year early and quickly began working to afford living on her own. She wanted to pursue her passion for culinary arts, and planned on attending school to do so. Once Morgan started culinary school, she soon realized it wasn’t the right fit for her. She began focusing on growing her social media, as she had been an active user on multiple platforms since the age of 16. It was through social media that Morgan connected with Mike Smith, an entrepreneur who had been in the industry for over ten years and had created the largest female marijuana lifestyle brand by the name of “Ganja Girls”. Smith realized how much potential Morgan possessed and taught her to properly market herself on social media. He mentored her and supplied her with the tools and knowledge needed to establish a powerful online presence. With Mike as her mentor, Morgan hit the ground running. In 2017, she became verified on Twitter and hit a million followers on Instagram at just 21 years old

Shortly after hitting the million follower mark, Instagram permanently deleted Morgan’s account. Her only option was to create a new account and start over from scratch. The roadblocks didn’t stop there, as she was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 and experienced her first full-blown manic episode in 2018. It took Morgan months to recover, but once she was finally feeling stable again she went right back to pursuing her goals. Valentine’s Day was especially sweet for Morgan this year as she hit one million followers on her new account as of February 14, 2020.

Despite her substantial success on Instagram, Morgan had always dreamed of traveling the world while at the same time working towards a financially secure future. She began noticing many of her peers traveling while also earning nearly six-figures a month through their exclusive Snapchat accounts. After consulting with her mentor Mike on how to properly monetize a private account legally with a merchant processor, they were able to earn five figures within two weeks. Morgan saw a great opportunity in this untapped market as her chance to create the life she had always envisioned. From there, Baesnaps was created. Baesnaps became one of the first private Snapchat coaching companies which taught girls how to properly monetize their platforms and run their own private accounts. After the success of Baesnaps, Morgan leveraged multiple subscription-based platforms to earn a six-figure income for herself.

Although Morgan admits that some days are harder than others, she has refused to let her past struggles define who she is now. In fact, she credits her tough upbringing and mental struggles to making her the strong-minded person she is today. Morgan emphasizes the importance of having a strong support system and credits her family and boyfriend, Dakota Kotsios (@kodastyles) with helping her survive some of the toughest points in her life while at the same time encouraging her to always keep a positive mindset. She stated:

“It may feel like the end of the world, but there are people that do appreciate you and want the best for you- you’re never alone. No matter what you’re going through or what background you come from, it’s possible to do anything you set your mind to.”

Currently, Morgan is focused on diversifying her income. She is a firm believer in the importance of investing from a young age, which has led Morgan to her newest business venture- stocks and investing. While maintaining her strong social media presence and running her own business, Morgan has also been finalizing plans for a reality TV project. Her reality TV debut is coming soon on the show, “Men of West Hollywood”.

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Despite innumerable adversities, Morgan has created a life for herself that she has always dreamed of. She is an exemplary role model for young entrepreneurs worldwide, and a shining hope for many who are experiencing challenges early on in life. We would like to congratulate Morgan on all her success thus far, and we can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in the future.

Readers can keep up with Morgan Lux on her Instagram.

Philip Schulte
Written By

Philip Schulte is a published author and entrepreneur who often writes about entrepreneurial success stories. He resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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