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Social Media Model Mariza Lamb Shares Her Keys to Success

Mariza Lamb

The booming world of social media has opened many doors for aspiring models, entertainers, and many others in the last few years. It has become an extremely lucrative industry, and only continues to grow stronger. Although you can find many success stories pertaining to entrepreneurs on social media, very few have a story as inspiring as Mariza Lamb. Mariza is an entrepreneur, social media star, and modeling sensation who has fought through many difficult situations to reach the successful position she finds herself in today. Through a relentless pursuit to make ends meet, Mariza has developed into an individual who aspiring entrepreneurs can look up to and emulate.

Mariza Lamb is no stranger when it comes to overcoming adversity. She grew up in a system that wasn’t designed for her to succeed. As a child and teenager who was raised in poverty, she wasn’t able to enjoy the majority of experiences that many people deem “normal” in their childhood. In fact, she recalls missing out on a lot of things due to the financial restrictions her family endured. Fun experiences were very scarce for Mariza, but she never allowed the stress and challenges of her environment to change her positive outlook on life. Throughout the years, Mariza continued fighting hard to succeed. She eventually got married and had three beautiful children, but unfortunately the difficult times didn’t end there. In 2015, Mariza and her husband finalized their divorce after eight years of marriage. It was at this moment that Mariza knew she needed to make something special happen for herself and her children.

As a single mother raising three children, Mariza did whatever it took to make ends meet. She often recalls working over 12 hours a day just to pay the bills; however, Mariza desired to spend more time with her children, especially since they were at the age where every moment is precious. She stated, “It was a frustrating feeling to watch my children being be raised by teachers and day care workers more than their own mother, and it really was unbearable for me.” At the time, Mariza was working at a club where she had become a local favorite. Once again, she was faced with adversity as the local government implemented changes which resulted in the customers going elsewhere for entertainment. At this point, Mariza had no income and three children to take care of, but she wasn’t going to let that stop her from finding a way to succeed.

Mariza was in limbo for some time, and the future seemed very uncertain. Since she wasn’t working all day anymore, she decided it would be the proper time to get some work done on her body that had been on her mind for awhile. She soon received her first breast augmentation, taking her breasts to 1200cc. After sharing photos of herself on Instagram post-operation, Mariza began to receive a substantial amount of attention. She was used to getting compliments before, but the amount of compliments and positive feedback she received made her feel amazing and added significantly to her confidence. With this boost to her confidence, Mariza began posting more frequently on social media and quickly built a strong following. Since the feedback from her initial operation was positively overwhelming, she decided to take it up a notch. Mariza upgraded her implants to 2000cc, had two Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL) done, and three different sets of butt implants installed. With these new additions to her body, the attention Mariza received was off the charts. After her social media accounts began to skyrocket with new followers, likes, and comments, Mariza felt inspired and later came up with the idea for her next business venture.

Mariza has always been interested in business, and throughout her years she had worked in a variety of marketing roles. She had always been fascinated with the subscription business model that companies such as Netflix and Hulu utilize in which consumers can gain unlimited access to everything they have to offer for a monthly fee. With the booming success of models on the subscription based platform of OnlyFans combined with her rapid growth on social media, Mariza knew it was the right time for her to give it a try. Success didn’t come easy on OnlyFans, as it took Mariza countless hours of brainstorming ideas and scheduling content creation each day. Through consistency and her creativity, Mariza managed to find success on the platform and greatly enjoys being her own boss. She also enjoys the way in which her work challenges her artistic side, pushing her to become more creative with each post. Mariza has successfully created multiple alter-egos in which fans adore, and she has many new ideas in the works for the upcoming year.

Now that Mariza has managed to reach financial success, money is no longer her primary motivating factor. She now has a powerful social media platform that enables her to inspire women all around the world, and to her that is invaluable. “I would like to be known for embracing other woman and helping them to be comfortable in their own skin,” Mariza stated. As a woman who has experienced changes with her own body, Mariza encourages women to embrace what makes them different and strives to show them that they can do and be whatever they want. She hopes that women who she interacts with will find the courage to chase their dreams, and seeks to show the younger generation that anything is possible through hard work, patience, and self-love.

Mariza Lamb is an inspiring woman who always tries to brighten the lives of those she comes in contact with. Not only has she become an amazing model, but she has grown into an elite entrepreneur who is constantly pushing the limits of her own mind to become better at her craft each and every day. We can’t wait to see all of Mariza’s ideas come to life in the next year, and we would like to congratulate her on her amazing success thus far.

We highly encourage readers to keep up with Mariza Lamb on her Instagram .

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Philip Schulte
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Philip Schulte is a published author and entrepreneur who often writes about entrepreneurial success stories. He resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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