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Shocking! This Millennial Whizz Charisma Is Transmuting Multitudes Intelligence & Senses Alike In A Storm Takeover

Have you ever realized that the way you think, work, and feel determines the strategies you use to pursue your dreams? Maybe Yes. Maybe No. The reality is that; what how you think of yourself plays a big part in what you will become. And what you imagine, you create! Many barriers in people’s minds hinder them from exercising their full potential towards their success. However, having a positive attitude helps you reach your progress more efficiently and cope with daily affairs.

Therefore, if you want to have a happier lifestyle and to do the impossible, it is advisable that you acknowledge your potentials and reflect on the way you act. Sometimes, and those times are many, you may need an expert like Charisma, who understands the human body and mind. Working with someone like her will help you convert your goals into reality. She doesn’t pay much attention to what the multitude says but focuses on possibilities that help people overcome their limiting beliefs to create a better life for themselves. She also educates people about the importance of a positive mindset and consistency in accomplishing their goals.

Charisma’s Background

Charisma is a model, restaurant owner, writer, and coach. She is also a speaker who empowers and educates people on how to achieve extending confidence within their mind and body. She was born and grew up in Sarasota, Florida. Charisma had a great interest in training for gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading. What is fascinating is that when she was 11 years old, she started tutoring a young girl with disabilities. At 18 years, she got her diploma and an associates’ degree. Her determination and hard work were as a result of the challenges she encountered while she was staying with more than 35 host families. Her life’s problems and failures made her get out of her comfort zone and focus on her success.

Charisma is the owner of 1 Day At A Time, a company that helps individuals upscale their lives through motivation, workouts, and coaching. She impacts the lives of many people all over the world through her experience stories, actions, and advice. She exhibits a sexy modeling figure which she works hard to maintain while pursuing her dream of becoming a top-notch influencer while helping others achieve their personal goals.  Besides, her main goal is to empower people to overcome their limiting beliefs and take action on the things they always dream of doing.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

Charisma teaches a lot about the benefits of leaving your comfort zone. Why? Because stepping out of your comfort zone helps you build unwavering confidence to try new things and risks around you. It also enables you to learn new things, develop your mind, and expand the horizon beyond your dream. We indeed have lives that we aspire to live, but “living in the comfort zone” kills more ideas, opportunities, and growth. Besides, leaving your comfort zone helps you gain confidence and exercise a progressive move in your current endeavors.

The most significant benefit of choosing to call quit your comfort zone is that it enables you to get off the unnecessary pressure, gain control, and inspire the people watching you. Also, it gives a breakthrough to your lifetime dreams, ambitions, and success. Moreover, it also increases your concentration and focuses on yielding new skills that will change the way you think.

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Overcome Self- Doubt and Limit Your Beliefs

Self-doubt and limiting beliefs affect the way we live. It may limit your esteem, self-acceptance, confidence, and self-image. Having limiting beliefs in your thoughts is like following invisible signs when you are driving on the road. Therefore, crushing your self-doubt and limiting beliefs helps you acknowledge your efforts and abilities. Charisma knows that people have many expectations where they compare themselves with others. Therefore, she teaches you how to push past fear and negative thoughts about yourself.

There are two types of limiting beliefs; directive beliefs and destination beliefs. Destination beliefs are the conclusions we make, while directive beliefs are the signs to guide you where you are going. Therefore put your mind to the familiar and right destinations to help you overcome the limiting beliefs. On the other hand, the best way to crush self-doubt is to trace its roots. In most cases, fear and lack of self-confidence are what cause self-doubt. Charisma can teach you how to accomplish your goals in a confident way irrespective of how people perceive you.


In conclusion, it takes the consistent effort you make to change the way you think, act and feel. Therefore, if you want to be your best self, contact Charisma on Instagram to get empowered through her stories and actions.  


Sergio Centeno
Written By

Sergio Centeno is the Founder of Influencer Clout, a digital marketing agency that has worked with clients like Jason Capital, Ryall Graber, Shawn Henry and more. He is a PR & Branding expert that helps brands and business owners establish credibility and awareness in the online space. He has consulted many major brands and entrepreneurs with growth strategies that have created world-class brands on the internet. He’s worked with numerous influencers with over 1M followers and many clients worth well over $100M; Sergio is known as Mr. Clout for the skills that he brings in building awareness in the online space. He can be found on all social media platforms @imsergiocenteno

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