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Shivam Singh, an expert in Digital Communication: “The coronavirus has been an opportunity for Entrepreneurs”

Shivam Singh

Shivam Singh is a Indian millennial who started out at the age of 25 and has not stopped to date. He currently directs Orient Digital Media and founder of TechGrits also author of The Game of Digital Marketing, a digital marketing agency that was born in 2017.

This business specializes in the monetization of audiences of influencer profiles and companies, although it has different lines of business: “It has three lines, which are digital products aimed at influencers and public figures, small and medium-sized companies and then in the face of digital marketing services for the sale of traffic, that is, everything that is advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google and design of the strategy and creation of content there we are, also a part what is e-commerce? explains Shivam.

This young entrepreneur also gives advice on how to undertake on social networks and explains: «I like to define it as a flywheel, the concept that everything is fed back because what ODM is, whether you want it or not the fact that Shivam Singh public figure have exposure, it also makes us get many clients and the agency itself also complements the figure of Shivam Singh a lot because it is a bit to say: Hey guys, what I’m sharing you can see reflected in what the agency is ».

In addition, he adds: “We are really carrying out a project, business nature, which is precisely what I am showing, so it is how everything complements everything.”

ODM is currently running ten projects simultaneously and at the billing level they expect, The agency’s offices are in India, ​​however, they intend to open a second headquarters in London as a future project. Internalization is a factor to take into account and today they have clients who are in Switzerland, the United States.

The Difference According to Orient Digital Media

The co-founder of ODM says that “we try to distinguish ourselves from other digital marketing agencies.” “What they offer you are a pack,” says Shivam, who makes it clear that they do not like this concept because ” we like to commit ourselves to the person with whom we work, we enter as partners in each of the projects … and we do not They like so much the formula of saying I charge you a fixed monthly fee, but what I do with you is that we are going to be successful », says Shivam Singh.

The philosophy of his agency is clear: «We select the project we choose very well, but what we choose we go to death with it, to allocate all our resources and make it grow, instead of saying hey that between everything and we simply dedicate ourselves to sell packs». Shivam Singh idea is “a business hires an agency to make it earn more money” and that is what they do and what they want to achieve in each of the projects they have in hand.

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Shivam Singh And ODM

This health crisis has marked a before and after for ODM, as Shivam Singh confesses that the health crisis has affected them, but positively. Shivam believes that there were many companies and influencers who were in the offline world and this situation has given them the opportunity to say «I launch 100% into the online world because if I am not there and I have no presence, I am not impacting new users … In this sense, we have seen quite a significant peek during what has been the pandemic in the increase in clients interested in our services, as well as in the amount of billing volume that has affected the agency.

On the other hand, the figure of Shivam Singh as an influencer has benefited because « the figure of Shivam Singh in which it is the most academic part, so to speak in some way, of teaching people how to start businesses online, also it has had a certain increase … many more people have been interested in saying hey how can I start generating income from my home ».

Explain: «On both sides, there has been a rebound and then we have also seen a significant increase with the fact that just also during the confinement I launched my book ‘The Game of Digital Marketing‘ with the name already attracting a little attention and believe it or not also that it increased interest in what the content was.’

Shivam Singh, as a young entrepreneur, considers that the coronavirus has brought a strong rebound when it comes to entrepreneurship: «I think it has been an enhancer of many people who previously had it as a plan b, to say hey, I have an idea, I want to start a business but for now I am with my job and I am not going to make the leap… what has the pandemic done? Well, many people have seen entrepreneurship as their only plan A at the moment, many people have launched into the market to test their idea.

Ekta Mehta
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Proudly from Delhi, she graduated in Journalism in 2012 from the University of Delhi.

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