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Shikhar Saxena popular as Sameer Saxena is creating waves with his agency ArtistoMedia Entertainment.

What were you doing when you were 24 years old? Probably mugging up notes for your competitive exams or thinking about meeting up with friends after coaching for a gedi (aimless roaming around!) or discussing the latest in music with your gang of boys or girls. Well, at 24 years of age, Shikhar Saxena is quite different! He has a celebrity management company to handle, whose name is ArtistoMediaEntertainment. Shikhar Saxena is also popularly known as Sameer Saxena.

Celebrity management and digital marketing is an essential part of marketing strategy of every small and big company or venture in today’s world. Getting a digital marketing expert onboard is as important as ever too. This involves much more than getting a website designed or a few webpages installed.

That is where Sameer Saxena’s ArtistoMediaEntertainment comes in! The company will turn your average brand into a top performer through its well thought out strategy of digital marketing as well as it will provide you with best celebrities for events or brand promotions.

Sameer is a young celebrity manager whose event management and digital marketing techniques are sought after by many top entrepreneurs across India. With the rise of internet usage in India, companies are looking for powerful digital solutions to their marketing needs and even assigning a set amount of budget for the same. They also require various celebrities for their events or brand promotions.

Entrepreneur Shikhar Saxena with Actor Arham Abbasi.

After all, everyone realizes today that without proper support of digital marketing your brand won’t work. As Sameer Saxena says, “it is no hidden fact that in the current scenario, traditional marketing won’t work. To take your name globally, you need a sound team who can work with the right content online. Digital marketing and promotions via celebrities helps in generating more sales leads and also gives you efficient ROI analysis.”

This is exactly what prompted Sameer to start his own firm in 2019 and start working with experts who thought like him. The fact that Sameer thinks ahead of time makes him a revered digital marketer and celebrity manager in the industry. His techniques, which change from time to time, also put him in good stead with his clients.

It is no surprise that ArtistoMediaEntertainment has become the best digital marketing and event management company in the country.

Let your hardwork speak for itself. Being successful in life doesn’t mean to be recognised by everyone. Even if you can bring an impact on a few people, you are successful”, said Saxena.

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