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Seth Tzvi Rosenthal : The Man Behind H2ohm Water

Seth Tzvi Rosenthal
Seth Tzvi Rosenthal

In our daily life, we frequently ignore the side effects of chemical-based products. This is why numerous people are having different health issues at a young age. To live a long and happy life overlooking health is never a good approach. We need to educate our children, friends, and family about the importance of consuming the right product.

Meet Seth Tzvi Rosenthal, Founder of H2ohm Water dedicated to making mineral-rich drinks accessible to all human beings. Seth spends most of his time educating people in different ways to live a mindful and positive life. What’s most impressive about Seth is his passion for helping people. In my recent conversation, he mentioned that H2ohm water is his recent product launched to help people adapt to healthy drinking habits. 

In this interview, you will find tips from Seth regarding ways to create a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Hello Seth, I’m thrilled to invite you to our media. Please tell us more about you and your work:

Thank you for the invitation. I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with your audience. I have always been intrigued about a healthy lifestyle which led me to research multiple products available in the market. Knowing the fact that food poison is one of the common problems, I started to cook home-based hygiene meals. This benefited me in various ways. I rarely had stomach problems and always felt the strength in my body. It motivated me to achieve all the desired outcome at my work.

I consider myself a strong advocate of positive intention and mindfulness. Knowing the fact that water plays an essential part in our daily life I launched H2ohm water. This is why with my team we added all the essential minerals that will serve people to boost their work ethic.


How can people revive their energy at their work?

I have noticed many individuals are facing this problem at work. We need to acknowledge that the food we consume gives us energy for a certain time. If we force ourselves to outburn then we possibly can have severe health problems.

I always advise my staff to get a night of proper sleep. This is one of the keys that can help us to have an astounding following day. It is uncommon to achieve anything with a sleepy mind. During the day you can take breaks to drink water and if possible to perform a small session of breathing exercise. 

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I personally follow these two strategies at my work and the results are as anticipated.

How can we achieve a positive mindset?

We effortlessly get caught up in a negative mindset because of the influence of news, social media, and friends. If we aspire to achieve the desired outcome we have to enclose ourselves with the personalities who possess a positive and growth mindset.

When we create positive thoughts about people or things, we attract a positive outcome. This is the law of universal force. Whenever a negative thought comes to mind try to win it over with a positive conclusion. You can do this by writing it multiple times or saying it. Train your subconscious mind to experience positive opinions.

When you start the day, keep track of things that feel appreciative. This will bring gratitude and give the sense to move ahead.    


Thank you Seth for sharing your story and tips to our audience!

If you wish to know more about Seth, check out his website:

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