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Sankalp Khurana has Promised Dynamicity in his Music Label SAR RECORDS: The World is Ready for it


At an extremely young age, Sankalp Khurana had acquired an intense interest in music, instrumental and vocal both. Now the thing with interests developed in childhood is that they are extremely pure. There is no concept of attachment or benefit then. It is just the interest and the child’s heart.

This natural and authentic passion of Sankalp furthered into him getting into the music industry. Since a very young age, Sankalp had the vision of revolutionizing the music industry by making it an ever-expanding space for newer artists and performers.


Sankalp Khurana is a music performer, director and a producer. His  entrepreneurial skill and business knowledge has made his newly established music label SAR RECORDS an already popular name in the industry.

Sankalp is a performer himself and that is why he relates to new performers who are anxious and overwhelmed by the prices and contracts that they need to sign with music labels. Sankalp eases this pressure out by giving them the best prices and fulfilling his promise of giving them the reach that their music deserves. With SAR RECORDS, Sankalp has a specific aim of signing up artists who are ready to be vigorously dynamic, who believe in bringing something new to the table every time. It is his firm belief that music is a pious magic that is served to the public and hence it should be completely unadulterated and true to its nature.


SAR RECORDS is currently working with a lot of Punjabi artists and regional performers. He loves the fact that his label is actively involved in promoting and increasing the reach of music artists. Sankalp is ready to launch his own album pretty soon as well. The music label has already released popular songs like “Khaab”  which have garnered a lot of love and views from the public.

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Besides being into music, Sankalp Khurana realizes the need to give back to society. He has his own NGO called Sankalp Foundation which works towards social causes and gets a ten percent donation from every earning that SAR RECORDS makes. A true philanthropist, Sankalp has set an example for the younger generation to always be humble and giving regardless of how much success you attain.


A small town person, Sankalp Khurana has made it very far and still believes it is just his beginning. With an exemplary vision and a pure sentiment attached to music, Sankalp has promised to continue celebrating music and all its artists.

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