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Roman Perez has stayed in shape his entire basketball career

Staying in shape is always important to follow in our lives. But maintaining that form as the years pass can be difficult in many occasions to follow. Meet Roman Perez, a current professional basketball who at age of 35 feels younger than ever.

Currently active for 12 years now, Roman has demonstrated throughout the years true dedication and passion for the game of basketball. But what are key points that have helped him play for so long? Isn’t 35 a number athletes use to retire with? For Roman he says that age is just a number, and he’s showing us with his on going strict discipline towards himself.

In the last 15-17 years he can count how many days he took off from practicing or working out. Wait what? When asked, the number he said was 13 days off from not working out in all those years! Talk about consistency and dedication, man! Weighing 155 at 6 feet tall, Roman has kept this weight for the last 20 years. Always staying on top of his game and focusing on never stoping.

The importance of stay active can change the way we live. It’s a way of focusing on having a purpose in life. Without it, we tend to forget our why’s and meaning of why we are here living. Deep down inside, we all need a reason to keep pushing forward so why not focus on ourselves.

His motivation to stay in shape was for his performance with the game of basketball. This sport has helped him stay on the line and never crossing over. As opportunities started to arise for him, it only motivated him to push for more. Some of his routines were outdoor, where he challenged himself in harsh weather conditions. Whether it was snow, heat, rain, etc, his focus was to push himself no matter what was in his way.

Some daily routines we can learn from Roman is stretching before and after bed, home self body workouts like pushups and squats, and last but most importantly nutrition. It can be challenging to stay healthy and eat properly, but if we try to stay consistent we can always overcome. Suggestions like fruits and vegetables, and changing our ways of eating fast food by eliminating them little by little.

We can all try to be better daily, so why not try by focusing on a goal and making it happen.


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Steven Warner
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Steven Warner is a sports agent. Publicist for entertainment, music, and sports figures.

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