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Rohit Sahoo: Healing Through Meditation

What does the word “heal” mean? Literally, it means “to make a whole,” and that is precisely what healing does. It is the process with which we repair ourselves so we can return to our whole state. Each one of us has experienced some sort of physical or emotional pain in our lives, and we have often found the need to restore our minds and bodies to battle through the distress.

A popular way to heal is through meditation, a mindfulness technique that makes us emotionally calm and mentally aware of ourselves and our surroundings. But how does healing through meditation work?

Let’s find out. Here are some insights and tips from the famous spiritual guide and meditation teacher, Rohit Sahoo, so you can integrate your thoughts, stabilize your emotions and heal at your own pace.

How Meditation Can Help You Heal Faster

Our emotions have a direct impact on our health. What we feel inside reflects on the outside. You might have noticed that people who are depressed or suffering from other such mental illnesses for whatever reason (maybe a heartbreak) experience drastic deterioration of health. Sometimes, stress manifests itself in the form of chronic diseases, like diabetes and cancer, which further add fuel to the fire.

When you meditate, your mind automatically becomes calm. It causes your emotions to become balanced, and this affects the way your body performs. The University of Massachusetts Medical School conducted a research study that showed that regular meditation reduced heart diseases by 45% and high blood pressure by 43%. Since physical pain is not the only type of pain human beings experience, healing is not only limited to healing the body. Meditation also heals you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Let’s take a look at 4 types of healing that you can achieve through meditation:

Physical Healing

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At some point in our lives, many of us have or will

experience chronic or acute pain. Illnesses, diseases, addictions, and aging are mostly inevitable. However, the potential to heal physically lies within our bodies, and meditation is simply the key to unlock this potential. Meditation can help you heal physically by boosting your immunity and facilitating post-operative or post-injury recovery. It produces more antibodies that fight against cancer, cardiovascular, pulmonary, and neurological diseases.

Mental Healing

Even if you are physically fit, you are likely to suffer from mental anguish. People struggling with mental disorders, such as ADHD, depression, PTSD, and anxiety, are usually recommended meditation to treat their minds. Meditation for personal healing and emotional stability improves relationships, gives a greater sense of self, and helps achieve higher consciousness.

Emotional Healing

If you find it hard to deal with heartbreak, loss, anger, grief, negativity, and low self-esteem, meditation can help you manage your internal emotional conflicts. It builds resilience and self-awareness, allowing us to accept that some events are out of our control. Healing from emotional pain is not easy at all, but meditation can help prevent adverse reactions to stress and negativity.

Spiritual Healing

Meditation helps you integrate spirituality into your everyday life. It can help you find the answers you need to stay on the right path towards self-actualization. It can strengthen your relationship with your mind and body and the Divine Power. Meditation can help you transform your life by providing answers to all your questions.

5 Ways of Healing Through Meditation

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1. Accepting Meditation Can Heal You

The first step in healing through meditation is to truly accept that meditation is the right way to heal genuinely. Many people practice meditation just to make themselves feel better in the moment but don’t believe it can do a lot for them in the long run and hence, don’t reap the benefits of the practice. When you accept that meditation is the right way to heal,  you will be motivated to practice it regularly.

2. Letting Meditation Guide You

Many people feel that their bodies start to twitch, and their mind gets clouded with unnecessary thoughts during meditation. This makes them think they are doing something wrong when it’s actually the opposite. The twitching and itching and cloudy thoughts are your body’s way of healing. Don’t be afraid to let your feelings come forward.

3. Ensuring You Are Comfortable

Before starting meditation, create an atmosphere that will allow you to heal. Find a quiet and comfortable spot in your house where no one will interrupt you while you meditate. Place a sign on the door if you have housemates to ensure you have complete privacy. The best time to practice meditation for personal healing is in the evening when activities have died down.

4. Combining Meditation with Your Lifestyle Choices

Meditation can’t heal you if your lifestyle doesn’t support it. You must ensure you get proper sleep every night, maintain a balanced diet, exercise regularly, spend time in nature, get enough sunlight, hang out with your loved ones and maintain an overall positive attitude. Combining meditation with your lifestyle choices can help you heal faster.

5. Practicing Repetitive Breathing

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One of Rohit Sahoo’s specialties is breathing techniques and exercises that can strengthen lungs and prevent attacks in asthmatic people. While meditating, it is vital for you to focus on your breathing. Think about how the outside air collects in your lungs and fills you up. Sync your breathing pattern with a positive affirmation or mantra such as, “I am stronger than ever.” Doing so can help you bond with your inner self and make your consciousness stronger than before.

Final Words

Healing through meditation has been the focus of research and studies for decades. If you follow a regular meditation routine, the benefits are never-ending. Meditation not only heals you but helps you gain a fresh perspective of the world. Let go of all the negativity in your life that is stopping you from healing. Instead, focus on your inner self and live in the moment to appreciate the things that matter the most.

To seek healing through meditation, it is best to get in touch with a renowned meditation teacher and spiritual guide like Rohit Sahoo, who has been teaching meditation in India and many other parts of the world. His ability to combine principles of eastern philosophy and spiritual traditions with modern science to drive home the message of the relevance of spirituality for our modern times has inspired and continues to inspire, many people.

Rohit Sahoo has been tirelessly volunteering to teach meditation and yoga for free to tens of thousands of people across the globe, through both physical means & online channels. He has also been volunteering for Science Divine for the past 10 years, providing education to disadvantaged children and spreading the joys of meditation.

If you want to heal your mind and body and experience joy and inner peace, reach out to Rohit Sahoo today. With his expertise, he can help you unlock the secrets of meditation and accelerate your growth to help you recover faster than ever.

Afzal Anis
Written By

Afzal Anis is the founder and CEO of Insova Group and the author of Visionary Wits.

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