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Good times are coming for youth in World Politics: Rakib Al Hasan

Q: How are you? What’s going on at the moment?

A: The answer to the question of how I am is relative. Because it is better for me to be good to the exploited, oppressed, oppressed people. I’m fine though. And speaking of busyness, the final examination of my medicine of bachelor degree is ahead. I am preparing for it and keeping other activities going.


Q: You have been writing for a long time and your initial acquaintance is also through writing. What kind of change do you see or want to change by writing?
A: The introduction through writing is true in a sense, but the connectivity has increased through it. It is also true that I have been able to click through the writings of different classes of people. Changing society is only through writing, in the context of today’s world, it is a bit difficult now, but since writing can be used to express the voices of many people, it is a powerful medium.
Q: There is talk of translating some of your books into foreign languages. How far is its progress?
A: Since I am now writing in many international media, expressing my views, I am already able to spread my writing and psychological thought beyond borders. However, due to the geographical importance of some books may be translated abroad soon to make people happy. Let’s see what happens.
Q: You are thought to be the rockstar of the youth. Again, many also said Youth Diplomatic Hero. Which one to put forward?
A: No adjective hero or rockstar is actually small, nor is it big. Moreover, these are the thoughts of others. I think for now I want to work with the platform and connectivity of the youth.
Q: How do you see the opportunities for young people in the new US administration or the polarization of world politics?
A: I think good times are coming for young people in world politics. You can understand this only by noticing the inclusion of many young people in the Joe Biden administration. Moreover, it wants to ensure the arrival of young people in politics all over the world. This facilitates working with long-term vision.
Q: You are very young. Yet a lot is being invested behind you in world politics. The secret can be said a little?
A: If you think of those who are doing, you will get the answer by asking them. I do not have the answer. Yet you will never be underestimated if you have the caliber in the turn of world politics.
Q: What are your thoughts on politics? Working behind or working with power?
Answer: Power is the main goal of any politics. Because if you are not powerful, you will never be able to make your thoughts and actions a reality. So politics is definitely for power, politics for people.
Q: What do you think about the health sector when you come to power in politics as a man of medicine field?
A: The basis of my work is education, health, human rights, democracy and peace. Speaking of health, I want to say in one sentence, I want to ensure the health of all the people of the world. The target for now will be to confirm the corona vaccine And that should be the goal of all politicians in the world.
Q: Thank you so much for giving us the time. Good luck for all your work. Looking forward to seeing you in a whole new role.
A: Thank you very much. Another special thanks for raising some important questions.

Xolian Seo
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Xolian Seo Social Activist.

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