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Radio Personality Johnny Cool Shares Insight On Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself

Johnny Cool is an on-air personality and a member of a radio station in Chicago which specializes in today’s hip-hop, RnB, old-school, and up & coming independent artists trying to have their voice heard and to be on the radio for free! 

In this article; Johnny shares lessons and tips that he has learned over the years. These lessons have helped him become the individual he is today; let’s have a look;


Overcoming Obstacles

An obstacle is something that tries to stop you from attaining your ambitions. Think of it as a barrier between you and your objectives. As humans, we face obstacles daily. Obstacles come in different forms, be it financial, emotional, or physical. But the most important thing to note is that obstacles must be overcome for us to make progress in life.

Johnny recalls that he faced a lot of obstacles when he started, one of the major issues was the lack of trust from people. To say the least, getting individuals to believe and trust his station was arduous. 

Apart from this, he also faced a lack of experience as he was a newbie in his industry who was just getting his feet wet. And in a dog eat dog world like the fashion industry, it took a lot of time for him to find his bearing. 

Lastly would be the common lack of proper funding experienced by entrepreneurs and individuals around the world. Yes! All of these are enough to make any human being quit, but Johnny didn’t let it deter him from achieving his goals. 

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How did he overcome them? Well, Johnny reveals that he was able to overcome these by utilizing three values used by millions of successful individuals around the world; passion for what he does, the unrivaled thirst for knowledge, and consistency.


Drawing Inspiration

We all have that one thing that drives us to do remarkable things, you know! That thing that gives us the required motivation or pushes we need to set out on daring adventures. 

Well, Johnny’s inspiration to tread the media industry comes from the fact that he’s always wanted to be an entertainer. He’s also dreamed of transforming the world by leveraging the power of entertainment and comedy. These alone have propelled him to where he is today.


Warding Off Stress And Burnout 

Stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat. While burnout is a feeling of cognitive and bodily fatigue caused by overexposure to stress. 

Both these two are necessary on the way to achieving greatness especially when high stakes and revolutionary changes are at stake. When Johnny experiences a stressful situation, he makes sure to take a breather and leaves work. This single act alone can mean the difference between falling sick and leading a healthy lifestyle. 

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During this period, he engages in activities that take his mind off work and ease the tension. Activities such as hanging out with friends, watching movies, and listening to new music. 


Achieving Success

Achieving success is easier said than done and more often than not, it takes a lot longer than envisioned. Certain values and principles in life have helped Johnny achieve success in various ways.

When asked what these principles were, Johnny pointed out to a few of them; the first would be organization. Organization is the act of planning or the process of making plans for something. This will help out a lot when it comes to preparation for success. Simply put, when you plan, you are more prepared for whatever obstacles or problems that will come your way. 

Preparation also gives way to opportunity, hence the adage ” preparation plus opportunity equals success.”  The second would be to take things one step at a time. This lets you observe everything going on around your surroundings and make better decisions.

Lastly would be to cut off negative people from your life. Negative people have a way of bringing you down and killing your momentum, so it’s best to cut them off.


In recent times

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Right now, Johnny is currently on track to discover new talent in music and help bring forth a lot of underrated artists to the spotlight. This is arguably a worthy cause. You can follow him on his journey right here


Chukwuma Agugbue
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I've always had a knack for storytelling! Hi there, I'm Chukwuma Agugbue. I'm a copywriter and, a blogger. I Interview individuals who've achieved some sort of success in their field- Actively building a knowledge base for Millenials

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