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Raash Pabri is a 21-year-old digital marketing expert from Jaipur, Rajasthan, owing up to his knowledge in digital marketing and becoming a valuable member in the field. How did he manage to make a place in this digital world?

Let us have the first-hand experience from the expert himself.


Q. How has the pandemic impacted digital marketing?


Raash Pabri: Frankly speaking, I think that the pandemic has changed the entire game. Along with business organisations and small businesses, and individuals, the willingness to expand has also increased. You see, people were previously not so dependent on the digitalization of things because we were not aware of the lurking dangers in the past. But right now, beginning from money exchange to delivery of products and services, everything has become online. Want to get some clothes, use Amazon or other online apps. want to order something you eat because you don’t feel like cooking? There are a wide variety of restaurants that you can choose from using a lot of on-line apps. And some places have made it completely digital, including a few restaurants which even offered you digital menu cards so that they can have a contactless service. I am really loving the changes after the pandemic because I myself got to learn about so many different things that I was previously unaware about, and I not only got the opportunity to learn about them but also practise it in real life. With the current need of digital marketers, the need for accurate and experienced ones are huge. I myself have helped out a lot of people during the lockdown.


Q. Is being a digital marketer a really time consuming and busy job?

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Raash Pabri: That is exactly what is wrong. It is not really a job, it is a professional service that is required by almost every person in the present world. There is a fine line of difference between employment and professionalism. I am the latter. It is not really busy, that is not how I would like to describe it. For me committed something that I do out of passion, I am really invested in this and love to work with clients. The more I learn about various things, the more digital marketing who is me deeper. You get to live in a world full of experiences from all around the world. Adding to my advantage, I have a keen knowledge of various software and updated technology so working along with the smaller aspects is also no big deal for me.


Q. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Do you think being a digital narketer will work as an advantage for you?


Raash Pabri: Obviously! You see, with the digitalization and globalisation, we will reach a time when people are not going to use tangible things at all. Right now, we have apps to transfer money and we no longer have notes in our wallets, at least not a huge amount. It is safe, convenient and also easy to carry. guarantees you full security. What else can a person possibly need? To answerrttyyhhyyhh the question, being a digital marketer is only going to work as long as I do. Which I will I have things planned ahead of time along with the developments that are going to occur in the future. There will be more changes but with time I will get used to that too. Nothing is difficult for me, only interesting.

Shashk Tiwari
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Shashk Tiwari in (22/08/2006) Known as Shashk Tiwari from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh as musician

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