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Providing Financial Solutions For The Future Growth: Find Out More From David Dinenberg

Are you looking for financial answers in your Cannabis business? Look no more! Kind Financial provides financial technology solutions for dispensaries, cultivators, and regulatory agencies in the medical and recreational cannabis industry. Kind Financial is dedicated to the establishment and growth of businesses in the legalized cannabis industry. 


David Dinenberg is the Founder and CEO of Kind Financial a platform that allows cannabis businesses to process payments with credit and debit. He is an expert in the cannabis industry and Microsoft’s first partner. David transitioned from real estate to join cannabis real estate after the colossal recession. This move was luckily met by a “60-minute episode” that David watched with his wife, which laid bare the gaps in the financial sector. David was optimistic that he would fix the problems in the industry.


With the help of venture capitalist and friend Wayne Kimmel, David got connected to Microsoft and became the first partner in the industry. 


First-Ever Closed Loop Payment App

For many years, KIND’s software has enabled regulators in real-time to know where and how much marijuana and hemp is being grown, processed, and sold. Through the launch of KindPay, the company now provides a platform for the industry to adopt a new historic level of transparency and safety. In addition, this platform aids many who have had the challenge with banking in the past.  

KindPay is the first transparent, bank-approved, closed-loop platform that empowers the cannabis industry to transact safely and securely while operating in compliance with the laws, guidelines, and regulations that govern its operations. The app allows dispensaries, growers, and consumers alike to transact transparently and safely, contactless and cashless.

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Why KindPay Is Unique

The KindPay app is unique as there is no other platform like it in the market. It is the only app that can deposit funds with credit cards in the marketplace today. Despite other apps existing, the majority are fundamentally ACH. With ACH debit, you can only spend what you can have. Therefore, the shopping cart increases by using KindPay by around 15%. Thus, operationally, KIND Financial products are ahead of the game as compared to other products.  


KindPay is solving the consumer payment problem and getting the cash out of the store. They are also solving the banking problem in the cannabis business through KindPay; you can get a fully functioning transparent bank account, checks, a debit card, and a trustworthy financial institution relationship. 


The Future Is Kind

Kind is developing and providing critical technological solutions that government agencies, businesses, and financial institutions require to operate securely in compliance with government regulations within the cannabis and hemp industries. 

Therefore, if you’re searching for banking and payment solutions for the cannabis industry, KindPay has you sorted. For more information, you can connect to David Dinenberg here.

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