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Producer and Entrepreneur Engjell Berisha is the Perfect Role Model for Today’s Youth

Today’s celebrities and artists are some of the most vocal individuals against injustices, discrimination, and other social issues. While some keyboard warriors online take offense against stars making their stands in certain issues known, there is a major consensus that those in the entertainment industry must not stay silent when there is suffering. This is because celebrities have the power to impact lives and change behaviors. As role models, they can prompt their fans into conducting prosocial actions.

Engjell Berisha, an music producer, songwriter, and originally from Kosovo, living and working in the USA, is one of the outstanding artists of the current generation who does not limit himself to token words and performative actions. Berisha says he wants to make a difference, and his actions reflect the authenticity of his words.

As a producer and songwriter, Berisha is known in the industry as Engji and Engjiz, and his debut single, Sonte, introduced him to people’s playlist as a musician with immeasurable potential. Among his many accomplishments at such a young age is his establishment of a media publishing label called BlueEcom Digital. Engjell Berisha started BlueEcom Digital to help artists get opportunities for success and give aspirational musicians an exclusive space that can offer them transparency and support. Through BlueEcom Digital, Berisha wishes to promote justice, a value that can be found in only a select number of industry labels.

Engjell Berisha has also breached other sectors and established businesses rooted in the idea of making positive changes in people’s lives through health and fashion, one of which is his first clothing brand called Euphoria. Euphoria offers quality products such as, duffel bags, and hoodies that come in multiple vibrant colors. And as proof to its premium offers, it has been featured on Aidasinc last January of 2020 as the best unisex athleisure brand.

This young change-maker also founded a holistic practice known as BlueEcom Life. At BlueEcom Life, a platform is provided where certified health and nutrition life coaches can share their wealth of experience to help clients improve their health and wellbeing through better eating habits. Their virtual clinic is the perfect place to take some time out and explore health-benefiting options. Whether one is concerned about chronic issues or aches and pains, the competent professionals that make up the clinic can explain precisely how changes to one’s nutritional outlook can affect the mind, body, and soul.

It is not easy to find someone so dedicated to helping others feel valued, so today’s youth is lucky to have Engjell Berisha as a source of inspiration. As future leaders, they can draw strength and motivation from Waseem’s never-ending pursuit of equality, freedom, and justice.

Engjell Berisha has come a long way from his beginnings in Kosovo. Who would have thought that years down the road, he will be serving people from all over the world? So much more can be expected from this young leader in the future, and Waseem cannot wait to deliver.

Engjell Berisha now also is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Europe. He has been named “Youngest Entrepreneur of Europe” knowing the fact that he has been on the field of E-Commerce for the last 5 years now! What a great adventure of Engjell.

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