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Prioritize Your Peace: Walking Away From Things Hindering Your Growth

Men often get into unnecessary and unhealthy cycles in the name of trying to prove something. We get addicted to the idea that in order to become great, we must always perform and deliver at the cost of everything. In our pursuit of such recognition, we neglect other important aspects of our lives, taking away the essence of living. Thus, we must be wary and aware of the things that might hinder our growth, especially since these are often masked with empty promises.

At present, I am a father, entrepreneur, public speaker, life and business coach, and the founder and CEO of Embrace The Lion. I can say that at this point in my life, I found peace in my line of work and in my personal life. I have already established myself as one of the country’s leading motivational and informative speakers. When I am not working with clients or traveling to speak, I enjoy spending quality time with my son or hanging out with my best friends. Being a believer and a former pastor, I also indulge in a relationship with God, how you treat your body, and how you treat your time. As such, I want you to experience life the way I do; hence, I dedicate my competencies to helping good men, such as yourself, to become great and instigate movements that would allow you to live your legacy. 

Know When to Stop

Growing up, my family did not enjoy the financial liberty to enjoy various leisures, and I witnessed my role models, namely my father and grandfather, work tirelessly. Unbeknownst to myself, I emulated their attitude of compulsively working hard and long hours, which I even took a step further by aiming to be the best. Although I initially thought that this approach in life would lead me to abundance, I actually lost a lot along the way. 

Looking at the people that surrounded me, I saw their misery consume them as they took their lives. Perhaps this was one of the most alarming signs that things were not falling into place. Yet, I continued my journey in the ministry. My list of credentials lengthened, but I let myself fall into sickness and agony, which also almost cost me my life. After recovering and realizing that something might be wrong in what others are doing and what I am doing, I decided to walk away from the path that I thought would bring me success and joy—I exited the ministry.

The central question that guided my decision to leave was “What’s the point of all this if I’m sacrificing my soul on the altar of my success?” I did not feel fulfilled because I was lying, and perhaps you don’t have what you want because you are also lying. Hence, it is crucial to carefully discern your current state and where you want to go. If you find yourself on the path of destruction, acknowledge that you need to stop and take a detour. 

Walk Towards Peace

With enough work, time, and consistency in the right direction, you can get to where you want. After you walk away from the things hindering your growth, take action and walk toward peace, joy, and fulfillment. Remember, you can’t move to the edge of the future so long as you are focused on a paradigm of the past—the power is in the present. Although your past experiences will still be part of your present, instead of letting these dictate your future, learn to improve yourself based on the failures of yesterday. 

Cody Jefferson
Written By

Cody Jefferson is a father, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, life and business coach, and the founder of Embrace The Lion.

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