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Philip Schulte’s New Book is a Must Read For Young Individuals

Philip Schulte (2019)

Schulte’s upcoming book- The Eight H’s; A Young Person’s Guide for the “Real World” takes an honest approach to life after high school

Author and entrepreneur Philip Schulte has announced the release of his newest book, and it has already created plenty of buzz among readers. It has even been described as  “a must read for young people 16-30 years of age” by a panel of critics who were able to read it pre-release. Philip explained that this book was based on struggles that both he and his peers faced before, during, and after college. Schulte felt inspired and somewhat obligated to create a book that focuses on the most important things young people will face in life after high school, and he made sure to not sugarcoat anything. This book takes a very honest and blunt approach, and Schulte believes that is extremely important in connecting with his readers.

Philip was recently interviewed by CNBC, and he explained that The Eight H’s is broken down into eight categories- higher education, housing, hock (debt), healthcare, the process of being hired and the world of employment, high income investing, hacks (thinking outside of the box), and the overall concept of happiness. These eight areas are what Philip believes to be essential for every young person to learn, as decisions in these subjects can impact a young person’s life both positively or negatively for decades depending on their level of knowledge when it comes time to making these crucial decisions.

Schulte shared with us that he made many mistakes in his early adulthood that not only cost him a lot of money, but also a substantial amount of time and happiness. He went to college planning to play Division-1 football at his dream university, but after an unexpected roadblock, found himself attending 4 colleges in 5 years before achieving his goal. Philip explained that along this journey, he faced many challenges in nearly every subject that is touched on in his book. The difficulty did not end with college; after graduation, Philip stated that he felt very unprepared for the real world, despite graduating with high honors as a business major. He also mentioned that many of his peers expressed the same feeling of uncertainty and confusion, which ultimately instilled the idea of The Eight H’s in his mind. Philip’s primary goal with this book is to set young people up for success in the long run, and he believes that if young individuals are educated on these topics ahead of time, they will enable themselves to get a significant head start in life and avoid a lot of the same obstacles he had to face the hard way.

Philip plans to continue to help people grow in many ways. He currently resides in Los Angeles where he co-owns a media agency in which he helps both individuals and businesses attain growth and scale. He is also immersed in e-commerce, health and fitness, and financial planning among other things. Keep an eye out for The Eight H’s set to release in August of 2020. You can also keep up with Philip on Instagram.

Philip Schulte
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Philip Schulte is a published author and entrepreneur who often writes about entrepreneurial success stories. He resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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