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Out of All of Our Robot Vacuums; Narwal Comes Out on Top

So you may have noticed that many people have reviewed several robot vacuums on their channel in the past but what you’ve probably started seeing recently is everyone is reviewing the Narwal Robot

In this article, we’re really excited to show you this robot vacuum, which I think is really the future of, vacuuming & mopping especially robots.

All of the opinions are our own. I’m excited to tell you about the design aspects of this. The idea of Narwal and the feature of having a self-cleaning robot mop is really cool. Most robot vacuums that people have had in the past are simply one or the other, not both and usually, when they do mop, the other brands have disappointing features. Narwal is different, it doesn’t grad like a pat on the ground. Narwal actually has scrubbing action so it picks up off of the floor really well. The mop pads spin just like you would have on a vacuum attachment. This makes the mop work better on the hardwood floor.

This is good, because that’s the reason why people are getting these, so they don’t have to mop or vacuum themselves. They can have the robot do it. It seems to me that robot vacuums have gotten really advanced, but this is the future of robot mopping and I think that’s why the normal did so well on Kickstarter.

They raised a lot of money because people were pretty excited about this. I’m impressed with the Narwal because the hardware is so well. It seems like a lot of thought went into the design for the sweeper attachment, the brushes work together in a gear shape.

The vacuum has 1800 PA suction, so it should pick up a lot. The base station serves not only to charge the Narwal, but also to self-clean the mop heads. It does this by circulating the water from the clean water tank, cleaning the mop heads, and circulating up to the wastewater. One thing I can tell you right away is that these are really easy to switch out it’s magnetic.

So there’s really no fuss putting it on and pulling it off. With the unit, the first step is pairing the app to the device and getting it all connected to wifi, which happens pretty smoothly.

Not only that people are impressed by how quiet it is. It’s pretty fast at mapping around the house, as we’ve had robot vacuums in the past which take longer for them to map. This one is thorough and automatic.

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Even on its very first trip around the house, you’ll see how much the dust dustbin really does capture. You can see how much it picks up. 

I was excited to try out the mopping feature on the Narwal and it did not disappoint. The circular motion of the mop heads got perfect coverage for the whole width of the unit. It has a quiet working volume of 45 decibels so you can honestly barely hear it working. 

It is so quiet though that I really think you could set this at night and you wouldn’t notice it at all. It has a sensor to detect when it needs to self-wash and so it really does run on its own seamlessly. The app allows you to restrict certain areas so that the mop isn’t going over your rugs in the house.


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