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Natalia Villarejo Launches Her Mastermind Program Aiming To Empower Latina Women Globally

Natalia has anchored her career to empowering Latina women. She was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico; thus, she is a perfect example of a Puerto Rican, Latina woman. Throughout her whole life, she is fascinated by self-help and holistic approaches. She is the kind of woman who aims at getting the best out of yourself. “The best teacher is yourself,” she says. 

Natalia has used all her talents to achieve her goal of empowering fellow Latina women. With her pole dancing passion, she has managed to portray the positive part of pole dancing. She has been raising awareness of how pole dancing has healing potential.

She became the first certified pole dancing coach in Puerto Rico. This was a reward for her creativity throughout her career. She is now 10 years experienced as a pole dancing coach, and she yearns to have many students who have passed through her coaching program to achieve greater heights. 

Natalia has created masterminds for Latin women as she hopes that she can re-organize their present life to a better one. When she began in Puerto Rico, she did not think that one time she will be serving the Latin community globally. 

However, as she created the mastermind, she put all her efforts and knowledge. In the education part, she studied theatre, sociology, coaching, and interior design. This is why she believes in educament—blending education and entertainment. 

Additionally, the all-rounded Natalia is also an actress on the stage for 15 years. According to her, acting is one of the activities that she enjoys most, and she has had that passion since her childhood. Despite enjoying acting, Misi, as she is nicknamed, found her true intellectual passion in the study of Ontological Coaching. After 2007, she had her first child and had deeply connected to her purpose.

Maestra Mind 

Having found her true passion, that was noble because it was not about her but about many people, Misi ventured into communication. Sharing ideas worth sharing and changing lives. She is now on a quest to share everything she knows and everything she gained in her work.

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In her weekly podcast that specifically focuses on women in Puerto Rico and Hispanic countries, she addresses far-reaching topics. They help you shape a life of full purpose, align your thoughts with your actions, and start a healthy routine for your physical and emotional life.

When you subscribe, you’ll get a new chapter of Maestra Mind every Wednesday, which is accessible via Spotify or iTunes.

Here are the respective links.

Listen to Natalia on her podcast via iTunes through this direct link. 

If you’re in Puerto Rico, you can also enjoy Misi’s informational briefings on national radio. Every Wednesday at 12 noon, Natalia participates in the El Playlist program on Fidelity 95.7 FM. 



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