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Mynul Islam Tuhin: Bangladesh’s represent youngest digital marketing influencer, serial entrepreneur and musical artiste

”Mynul Islam Tuhin: Bangladesh’s represent youngest digital marketing influencer, serial entrepreneur and musical artist”

In today’s world Technology has rooted itself to almost every profession, not only professions but to our lives as well. And in this technological era, even entrepreneurship is highly influenced by it.

Digital Marketing has become one of the most trending and proficient professions. Today in this article we will talk about Bangladeshi one of the most Celebrated Internet Marketing in-fluencer- Mynul Islam Tuhin. He is one of the popular entrepreneurs of Bangladesh as well as the youngest entrepreneur of the dream city.

Born and brought up Barguna District in Bangladesh, Mynul Islam Tuhin started his own company named “TuhinTube” which is now Bangladeshi one of the leading marketing influencer in Bangladesh.

It was Tuhin’s constant hard work and dedication that made it possible. Tuhin tells that he never refused to learn. He believes that there is no age to stop learning. One should be exposed to the maximum information which he/she can gain, but should be wise enough to choose what’s right and wrong for him/ her. He always tries to stay positive and works passionately towards his profession. He also emphasizes on the fact that one should never feel content with his work. If you settle for anything less you ultimately want to achieve then you are not being true to your profes-sion and moreover yourself. Tuhin is also a successful business promoter and Lead generation expert, who with his experience in the marketing field has opened new horizons for upcoming young entrepreneurs who are looking forward to take this field as a career.

As a social media in-fluencer and Marketing Strategist, he promotes social messages, Movies, Musical Brands videos at social media with his in-fluencer network of more than thousands of Influencers across Bangladesh.

Not only is he a great entrepreneur but a great Artist too. He writes blogs and gives free tips to all the young entrepreneurs out there. He utilises his art to make others shine and when people of his calibre do this then we know Bangladeshi entrepreneurial future is safe.

His hard work, dedication and passion towards his profession makes him what he is today. His optimism and never give up attitude just add the cherry to the cake. No mystery why he is among the top internet marketing influencers in India, and is heading a great way ahead.

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Mynul Islam Tuhin
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Mynul Islam Tuhin is a Social Activists, YouTuber, Entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of TuhinTube Foundation.

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