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Musician Ashik Elahi Launch His first two songs

Music is something that binds everybody. Every walks of people listens to music from different perspectives and everyone has their unique tastes. A musician is someone who can read the emotions of people and reflect them with his own musical instrument. A true musician never works for himself but he would become the prolocutor of the nation as well as the world.
Ashik Elahi knows all of these, as a true prolific musician, he recognizes his responsibility. He loves playing guitar. The gest of music has been with him since his childhood. He has started to identify the consonance of nature. The gentle breeze of nature made him building a sweet relationship with nature. And nature gives him his euphony to build him as a musician. And lately, he has become a composer as well.
Ashik Elahi introduced himself by publishing his two musical solos named ‘Touch the rain’, ‘story of us’. He is a Bangladeshi musician. And you will be surprised to know that he is a writer as well. He has written ‘Top cricket stats ‘ in the recent as well.
To describe the solo, you will find an organized accent which is good to hear. And help a listener to find the way home. It demonstrates the power of his organized notes. Secondly, the nature of these two solos is like Adagio. It will melt your heart with its own nature. These solos start with a normal intonation like opera and end in Allegro.
Both two compositions were made to reflect specific feelings of humans. ‘Touch the rain’ reflects the metaphoric representation of the sadness of humans. And its consequences as well. How a man or woman fell the rain when he or she is in a gloomy state. He or She will feel the rain differently than others. And Musician and composer Ashik Elahi identify the emotional momentum to carefully attribute it with melody and helps the listener to deep dive into the inner self.
The next musical content is ‘story of us’.It’s a utopian base Content. Every individual has their their own story. Ashik Elahi connects those stories within a single melody. The notes he use were so mild that everybody will get a scope for remembering their good time. It is such a piece of melodious music.
Ashik Elahi is a renowned writer too. He breaks down every single emotion of human and write down their story. From now, He published his own book named ‘Top cricket stats’. If you are a cricket lover, this is worth spending.

MD Asaduzzaman
Written By

The founder of digital media names as MD Asaduzzaman known as a Bangladeshi musician, music composer and artist. He was born on 15 May 1993 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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