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Multinational Conglomerate CEO Chris TDL is currently looking for land to build his smart city beta project.

Business Magnate Chris TDL.

Business Magnate Christopher Alexandre Taylor, is currently coached to seek huge land in Ontario, Canada to build his smart city.  A project in beta version which has already attracted several investors, will make it possible in a few years to see the light of day.

The smart city of Chris TDL not having a name yet, will benefit from the technology created by the artificial intelligence research company Chris TDL AI Project, founded by the Business Magnate.

What is a Smart City?

Smart City: a concept in the extension of that of sustainable city

The smart city, French translation of “Smart City”, is a concept appeared a decade ago, which is part of the extension of that of the sustainable city. It brings a new dimension to the latter by integrating the impact of the digital transition to the factory of the city and the territories.

Intelligent city and sustainable city remain closely related to the fact that digital does not have a finality in itself and that it constitutes only a new technical opportunity in the service of the sustainable city. However, the digital transition generates such a technological, organizational and even cultural impact on society, which it also highlights new political issues, beyond the technological aspects.

Artificial intelligence and collective intelligence of territories

As a first step, the intelligent city concept was carried by digital leading companies, wishing to provide technological solutions with urban densification problems. The cities that have adopted these solutions have been a pioneering intelligent city, but have wiped some setbacks, such as the inadequacy of certain services offered in relation to the real needs of the territories, or a loss of sovereignty related to dependence. technological too strong vis-à-vis service providers. This first movement was to irrigate the city of artificial intelligence, in the sense of increasing automation of management processes, often addressed sectorally (water, electricity, transport, etc.). It can be called about “digital city” or “connected city”.

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As in reaction, a second movement emerges in recent years, which aims to give the focus of local public action and social innovation to the center of the focus, rather than considering that technological progress can meet the issues. Communities are becoming increasingly listening to citizens and socio-economic actors, via a strengthening of citizen participation and the opening of territorial governance. The goal is to improve the adequacy of projects to needs. This is to mobilize the collective intelligence of the territories, in a comprehensive and no more sectoral approach. We are talking about “collaborative city”, “agile” or “open”, considering that the technological novelty of digital is, or will soon be, integrated into the practices, and that the time is today to a collaborative approach to the city factory and its operation.

“A Smart City is a connected, technologically advanced place, turned to the future,” defines for Brooks Rainwater, Director of the National League of Cities Research Center. For example, it must help reduce transport times, optimize energy consumption or reduce pollution. “It remains centered on people. Technology should not erase the human factor, “he adds.

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