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Muhammad Billal Ali – The Next Big Thing (Youngest Self-Help Book Author)


Muhammad Billal Ali aka known as Iambillal is a 19 year old Entrepreneur (working on multiple small ventures), Author of the book “The Certain In Uncertain”, an aspiring Content Creator, Podcaster and Storyteller.


Muhammad Billal Ali was born on the year the world was blessed with the twenty first-century, the youngest in his family. Muhammad Billal Ali was always ambitious and unorthodox, in his approach to life. From a very young age, Billal always had issues adjusting to a specific guideline, in simpler words Billal like every kid wanted to be stand-out but unlike other’s Billal had it in him to work hard in his own path. With small glimpses of brilliance here and there.

Never been someone with outstanding achievements worth showing off in any fields of life. A very average student, an average cricket player, not even very popular growing up. Billal was living a ordinary/scripted life, with all the insecurities and anxieties growing within him. Surrounded by bad influence, Billal started finding relevance in a group filled with a few visionless mates. Billal’s Physical, Mental, Spiritual health were going from bad to worse, without him even understanding it.


Than his life took a very drastic change, a change, a journey and a call of the Almighty, so to say. At the age of newly sixteen Muhammad Billal Ali saw a very powerful dream featuring his grandfather also his spiritual master (Javaid Ali), just days before he got the news he would be going to Pilgrimage (Haj). The very first day Billal arrived to Makkah, performed rituals, shaved his head. That forty day trip changed Billal’s purpose, perspective, mindset, vison and lifestyle forever.

Billal came back very healthy, peaceful znd strong (mentally & spiritually). It was back in 2017. Till than Billal started living his life with purpose and perspective. Started a Podcast at the same age, becoming one of the youngest podcasters in the world. Found a new and empowered ambition towards knowledge and skills. Billal completed forty plus books since then and dozens of podcasts and videos. Along with many skills, Billal completed a life coaching certification. Billal being the amazing listener and observer, he is.  Started observing and understanding the youth, their emotions, their behaviors, how they think, how they react, the vulnerabilities they have and much more (keeping in mind, he himself is a teenager)

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From his spiritual journey to life experiences, Muhammad Billal Ali wants to empower and help people break free from the strings inside and outside and help them find perspective in life.

Debut Book:

Keeping his vison and experiences relevant, Muhammad Billal Ali in the troubled & uncertain times of 2020, wrote his debut book, “The Certain In Uncertain” a book which will help the reader gain consciousness and control back in life, to eventually become the Certain in Uncertain. Making him the Youngest Self-Help and Development author of Pakistan.  The book would help Billal’s message communicate to a larger audience than ever with the publication of The Certain In Uncertain. In the book, Billal draws deeply from ancient and religious wisdom, modern social science, and his own rich experiences.

Billal do not have a very magnificent background story on how he defy all odds and stuff, it’s just a story of how a very average person in every way, found the extraordinary within his ordinary self, Which itself is as powerful and relatable as anything.

Future Plans:

The journey for Billal has only just begun, whether it may be as a writer, or as an entrepreneur or even as a content creator.  Hopefully with the grace and help of Almighty big things ahead.

Email Billal at: [email protected]

Instagram: @iambillal

Twitter: @iambillalali

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Facebook: Iambillal

Podcast: Point Of View

Book: The Certain In Uncertain

Abdullah Raaj
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Abdullah Raaj is the founder of Ventures Bite, a global digital marketing agency. He is a serial entrepreneur and an expert in the field of Development and Marketing, and is considered a “Marketing Specialist" by his peers.

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