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Meeting The Trading Mentor Making a Difference In His Students Lives, This Is Tyler Espitia

Tyler Espitia has been a top Forex and Stock trader for  5 years. He embarked on a mission to give back to the community. The best way was through teaching them on various ways to get involved and earn via Forex trading.


I was privileged to meet him for a precise interview. We talked about his students’ success, the program he offers, and what he recommends people who want to begin Forex to do.


Students Success


In Tylers’ program, he has had extremely disciplined, consistent, and thus, successful students. Most people quit soon after they start trading, but he prides himself that he has built a team of traders who never quit but persevere, and they always win after that.


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“I have a student who became so successful and broke himself from the chains of pay to pay cycle. He is now trading on his home and already purchased two Mustangs 5.0s for herself, and even paid a student loan that had been tormenting him for years.” Tyler explains as he says that he can talk and talk and talk regarding his students’ success.


An Alert Program


Tyler starts by affirming that he offers a room that he hosts webinars for six days a week, where he goes over his favorite sets of ups and explains a detailed analysis for everyone to follow along and be onboard.


“It’s great because I jump on a live webinar and teach you to step by step how I do it so you can replicate my success,” he says. The students have loved it because they ask many questions as some even get personal with Tyler.


Recommendations for starters

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Tyler Espitia has been in trading for years. He has established a lasting brand from himself, and it is always his prayer that his students can follow the same path and be more successful than he even is!


“I am always available for people who want to learn or start earning money in the stock market or Forex. Just hit me up on Instagram @idontquitever, and I will give you a free step by step video program to get you started with stocks and Forex.” He says as he highlights his zeal to ensure that everyone is financially free.


Wrap Up


While Stock trading may seem full of people, very few people are making a fortune out of it. The people with the right training blended with the right mindset. They are the people who rarely quit. That’s why in Tyler’s program, there is a phase that he talks about being persistent and steadfast.

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Jonathan Medina
Written By

Johnny Medina is a young Entrepreneur who works with 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs. He helps them grow their online presence and strategically position them to their advantage.

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