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Meet Serial Entrepreneur Hector Ramirez who was able to take his agency from $50,000 to $2.2 million in less than 2 years

Hector Ramirez is the co-founder and CEO of Planet Studio. The company is a creative agency that provides branding and marketing solutions to first-tier businesses. Since its inception, the company has expanded to a multi-million dollar business with operations in Los Angeles, Monte Carlo, Milan, Monaco, Dubai, and Calgary. Planet’s notable clients include Dolby Audio, Mastercard, Lamborghini, Uber, Dj Snake, plus many more. However, this accomplishment was no easy feat. It took the mastery of the two entrepreneurs to grow Planet into a globally recognized firm. 

“When I started Planet, I had a little under $50,000. Now in just 2 years, the company has made about $2.2 million in sales,” says Hector. We sat down with Hector Ramirez to discuss how he was able to take his agency from $50,000 to $2.2 million in less than 2 years. 

A man with a Vision 

Hector is a risk-taker and a man with a vision. He dropped out of college to pursue his passion for photography. “I started photography professionally when I was 15 years old. This was back in Dubai where I worked as an Assistant at Lasheen Asif,” he says. English is Hector’s third language. He was raised in Dubai, a region well-known for arts and architecture. The transformation taking place in Dubai inspired him to pursue architecture and industrial design.

He moved to the U.S to study industrial design in the Bay area. Half-way through school, he was hired by some of Silicon’s valley tech and athletic companies to design and develop products. The volume of opportunities that he received while in school motivated him to drop out and pursue a career as an independent contractor in industrial design and photography. “I was doing freelance design work while touring as a music label photographer.

I have toured with music legends such as Above and Beyond, Steve Angello, and Arty. I was self-taught in marketing and branding. I did not have the privilege of strong family support. I lacked the means to expedite my opportunities. But I knew what I wanted in life. I wanted to be identified as an artist,” says Hector. 

Hector’s pursuit of entrepreneurship led him to link up with Lewk. The two entrepreneurs ventured into marketing and branding. The accomplishments and experiences of Hector as an artist offered a strong background for the firm’s success in the field. “I believe that when one has a vision, they could communicate it in any medium. I always always wanted to, at least visually, improve everything in my surroundings. This plays into Planet, as I truly immerse myself into empowering a brand visually and/or solving their problems with a wholesome approach.”  

The Growth of Planet 

In a niche saturated with businesses, it is a puzzle to understand how Planet was able to stand out. According to Hector, the key to their success was networking. “After helping a few brands succeed with our services, we earned enough capital to travel the world, as a “business tour.” We did this to identify a strong unique value proposition for our clients; which was to be able to execute global branding and marketing strategies, authentically,” he says. In the first year, the company started with visual branding and marketing for some of the top music groups and brands such as Above and Beyond, Swedish House Mafia, and Dej Snake. The company also participated in events such as Coachella and the Electric Daisy Carnival. They used the capital obtained from their first clients to engage in exclusive global events, programs and conferences. “We had three main goals: build relationships, partner with businesses, target potential clients, and seek global marketing,” he says. The tours helped Planet build a large team of 30 contractors and employees. It also helped them gain countless of clients and international contractors. 

Planet was able to grow through networking. “Relationships are everything to us. This includes internal and external relationships,” he says. Through these relationships, the company was able to target the right clients and build its brand in the market. Most of the firm’s clients have become their partners. “Most of our clients find our unique expertise and work impressive. This satisfaction provides us with an opportunity to introduce a business to business relationships amongst our notable clients, as well as investments, sponsorship opportunities, and global developments. This is a relationship that our clients only find with us. 

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Planet’s $2.2 million in sales in a matter of two years is a significant success. The three factors that contributed to this success are target marketing, exceeding in terms of quality service, and conversion of clients to customers. “We like to find ourselves working with brands and companies that we believe in, companies that share our values and purpose in influencing the market and social trends,” he says.

The company always strives to offer services that go above and beyond the client’s expectations. “When working on something we are passionate about, we find ourselves exceeding our quality standards, delivering more than promised, and most importantly, enjoying our time doing the job,’ says Hector. Lastly, by converting their clients to partners, the company was able to expand without depending on bank loans. “We tend to connect our clients. We also connect them to potential investors and sponsors. This, in turn, improves our firm’s results,” he says. 

The two serial entrepreneurs have mastered the strategy of getting the right clients and converting those clients to their partners. Each year, they take a moment to reflect on their accomplishments and whether they have achieved their goals. “This helps us to be better prepared for our upcoming expansion base in the coming year.” 


Hector Ramirez’s success was a matter of strategy. From the onset, the two serial entrepreneurs were able to network with the right clients. Also, their first-class products and services enabled them to develop a loyal client base which became their partners. Planet’s future is bright.

 “We have many exciting plans for 2020; we are acquiring a digital media agency based in New York (Mercy Agency), we are shopping around for business properties in West Los Angeles, starting a branch in Las Vegas, developing our office in San Francisco, and exiting some of our notable startup clients. We are very excited to see what the future holds, and we hope to always be thrilled by exceeding our expectations.” 

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Shayne is a journalist, storyteller, content creator, content marketer, freelance writer, ghostwriter, and author.

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