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Friends/Family background of upcoming Indian cricketer Rohitrathi269

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Personal Information :-

Family :-

We all know that that the big hand of in our life in our success and also in our and Nation dedication and an attention and success Rohitrathi269 and his father is a businessman and also good personality person.

Nothing is free and nothing is a paid over here we all know that our mother love is very precious for us and the smaller he told you always to be on the right side on the right track on a right path this is not the enough Rohitrathi269 is mother is a law student and also a good wife and good mother.

We all know that every situations are not good every situation the man which had given the strength the ambitions that is very good we are fully capable with our family and also what the family members are Too Close to the heart.

Rohitrathi269 nowadays his sister is a fashion designer and also good and pretty girl she know that how to help to each other and respect to each.

The boy which having the planning which having model mindset his brother was on of them Rohitrathi269 his brother is a upcoming model.


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Friends :-

In our life in our every situation we started to contribute each and everything with our friends Rohitrathi269 his friends was very thankful and very helpful available Rohitrathi269 is not capable to reach the destination or he is not capable for anything else then his friends helped him to be a capable for them it’s very necessary that every friends should listen every situations of every friend because when the friends will listen for the friend then the situations with over track and also will also be solve other friends are the only not meaning that we can express over self and also expressed to each this is a love that Bond with our hearts if you want to just want to explain what about your friends that there is no any option there no any word where you can express yourself or to your friends another name of his friends are Nikhil, Mehul,Kartik, Pranjal, Ujjwal they are very helpful and kind full friends.

Rohitrathi269 is belongs to Uttar Pradesh Meerut and he is having one dream that he want to became a Indian Cricketer and he is also saying that he doing is hardwork and he also struggle so much the past was gone Rohitrathi269 is fully unemployed at that time and he is not having money that he borrow his Cricket kit then he started and doing struggle and now….!!

About :-

Now the time is started Rohitrathi269 is now a official district cricketer and he also played under 16 in district level well he is going on fire he is trying do his well the struggle and the dedication that can help him to achieve his goal.

Rohitrathi269 he started his cricket journey at the age of 10 year he was just looking at the Cricketers who are just playing and then after he just trying to be a cricketer now the time is here he played district label under 16 from Meerut the small town boy achieved his goal.

Rohitrathi269 doing is well and also said that he will achieve his goals what he had seen we also said that that whenever I started to play cricket my father is not agreed with me and then after I played well and struggle over there and achieve the district level under 16 then my father is fully satisfied me and he has started to me achieve my goals forward nowadays my father is also with me and he is also saying me to become a Indian cricketer and I’ll try my well.

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Now a days he is doing a 4 or 6 hour practice regular and the dedication he will achieve his goal.

At the first time he was just don’t know the knowledge of the cricket and how should he have to play I don’t know about anything else but he started and take a knowledge about a cricketer how to start a journey of our cricket and now he’s doing a six or four hours daily practice and this is a big use amount that he is pending in his goal and his achievement

Always wish that our Rohitrathi269 will achieve his goal and always be faithful about it and achieve his goal and always do respect for the smaller.

If you really like If you really like this auditor then go and have this like button and also come and down that how is Rohitrathi269 going On.


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